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    Sonic unleashed review

    Hello everyone, I'm Faiz and I finally decided to review my first Sonic game ever, Sonic unleashed! I've spent hours and hours planing this article so I really hope you guys enjoy it!
    Sonic unleashed is the very first Sonic game that introduced the new sonic style of gameplay, it also introduced the werehog with a completely different style of gameplay that has nothing to do with the actual sonic style and it got heavily criticised because of it. Today we gonna review both of them on the xbox 360 version and check out the story! let's start out with the story, shall we?



    *contains spoilers*
    The story begins with Sonic and Eggman fighting with a really cool looking cutscene and intense music. right after sonic transforms into Super sonic, Eggman manages to capture sonic. Eggman rips out sonic's power of chaos emeralds and uses its power to crack open the entire earth to pieces! The huge power of chaos emeralds creates a monster on the earth and sonic transforms into the werehog because of Eggman's machine. Eggman sends sonic flying to the earth and somehow Sonic manages to survive the fall. after falling, sonic discovers a small creature suffering from amnesia and named him chip. Sonic and Chip meet tails, and they go around searching for a professor to help them out with their mission. after finding the professor, he tells them to search for ancient temples that restores the chaos emeralds' power. then, sonic goes around with chip travelling between worlds to find the temples and after recovering the chaos emeralds sonic realises that Eggman has finally build Eggman land. After all of that, Sonic and chip finally battle with the monster and defeat it finally restoring the earth.
    The story isn't complex at all and it's easy to understand, it's pretty good for a sonic game and I don't have lots of problem with it
    story: 9/10


    let's start out with the art style. of course, there are humans in this game but unlike sonic 06, the humans are cartoony and they blend in well sonic's cartoony style so no more seeing sonic and a realistic human together!
    The graphics are beautiful. because of the hedgehog engine, the game looks amazing! sonic generations probably has the same graphics, if not then this is probably one of the best looking Sonic game ever (ignore sonic forces)
    graphics: 10/10


    Finally! the gameplay! I'm gonna start with the best one, the normal sonic the hedgehog gameplay
    Sonic the hedgehog gameplay:
    if you've played sonic generation or colours, you'll realize this game has the same gameplay of them, that's right Sonic unleashed introduced the new style of gameplay in 3D with tons of new stuff. one of the interesting sonic rush feature is back on 3D The boost feature that allows you to run very very fast. you know, speed has been a major factor in sonic's success and it made it stick out from the other platforming games, now sonic can run very fricking fast! especially with the boost function and holy cow is it fun! You'll need to have very fast reaction speed to keep going and that's what makes this game really enjoyable. This game is all about the speed but what annoys everyone is the damn collectables! to progress you must get at least 3+ sun and moon medals and that's pretty annoying since exploration is pretty cool but having it forced on a super-fast paste game is annoying. There is also exp in this game and you can improve your speed and your boost timer so you can run faster than ever!
    Even tho you move very fast in this game, the controls are pretty good but having to A and X to jump attack is pretty annoying since you can accidentally boost. oh, I almost forgot about hubs! yes there are hubs in this game and you can talk with people and all of that but I really don't care about them so I'll ignore them. 
    This is a speedy game so get ready to always fall off and die. The levels are good, one of my favourites being act 1 rooftop run but let me tell you, you'll fall off a lot especially if you are new to the game. You'll definitely find the gameplay quite hard but after some retries, you'll finish the level easily!
    There is also tornado acts with tails, it's really boring since you only spam the buttons when they come on the screen and that's all. There are boss fights too and they are pretty fun.
    One important thing that differs from the other gamemode is the time it takes you to complete levels, it's less than 10 minutes and you'll complete them very fast unlike the other one.
    sonic the hedgehog gameplay: 9/10
    sonic the werehog gameplay:
    sonic the werehog! the character we all have asked for and we all enjoyed his gameplay! sega, why did you do this...
    There is no speed, no fast reflexes and no levels that take little time to complete. this game largely focuses on combat and platform and it does not nail them at all! the platforms start off easy and they get much harder and harder every level, the combat does the same thing but it's so repetitive especially the damn music! The soundtrack is pretty good but it makes me sleepy and the repetitive destroys my soul. The gameplay is so boring and repetitive and holy cow the time it takes to finish the levels is too much!!! I finished one level and it took me 50 minutes to finish it! 50!!! there are also collectables and they are easier to get than the other gamemode. did I mention you transform to the werehog every night? no? then you know it now.
    Since it's a beat them up game You can attack, jump and do special attacks. you also earn exp by killing monsters and you can increase your skills with it you can use a power-up to power up your attacks and blah blah blah this shouldn't have been in a sonic game! 
    STW gameplay: 2/10
    now I'm gonna review eggman land and the final level.
    Eggman land:
    I've had so much trouble trying to complete this level because of how fricking hard it is! don't get me started with the framedrops!! this section is just full of them sometimes reaching unplayable framedrops. this level took me an hour to beat it after many fricking retries, meaning it probably took me more than 2 hours to complete it! you also play as sonic or the werehog and both of them are hard so don't underestimate the sonic section.
    The final level:
    this level sucks.
    after completing yet another crappy tornado act You battle dark Gaia the big monster that lives under the earth. you start of playing as chip with his new look and try to battle the monster. sometimes chip gets stuck and you need to play as sonic and go help him get back. after "defeating" the monster with the worst controls ever you'll have to battle his ultimate form with super sonic! and be ready with the worst controls on the entire game! also, you'll die a lot, anyways after killing the 6 monsters you'll have to press the x button 60 fricking times very fast and then you'll finish the game! I finished this level when I was a kid after 4 hours of playing it! 4 HOURS!!! now I can finish it in 14 minutes. The final level literally made me hate the game 
    Overall gameplay: 7/10


    Finally finished the article! this article took me about 6 hours to finish (more than the final level on sonic unleashed!) anyways, Sonic unleashed is a great game half of it suffers from bad gameplay and some stupidly hard levels so I can't really recommend this but It's still a fun game, you'll get some enjoyment out of it a least! 
    Overrall rating: 6/10
    hope you guys enjoyed my article!

    5 august 2019 17:39 1625

    must. go. fast!

    6 august 2019 10:56 1625

    your too slow

    6 august 2019 11:44 1625

    no offence

    6 august 2019 18:24 1625

    i need level

    6 august 2019 19:39 1625

    Nice Article

    7 august 2019 13:25 1625

    i wanna go slow

    8 august 2019 04:48 1625

    why do we gotta go fast?😲

    8 august 2019 04:48 1625

    why cant we be turtles?

    8 august 2019 04:49 1625

    there is some anoying part of the game, including eggman land, but it has a good story and I liked when I fought as the werehog, except when later on the game, enemies who can zap and stun me apeared, that made me rage

    16 august 2019 01:08 1625

    I like Sonic Unleashed as a whole. If I'm not getting frustrated with a level, I ain't doing it right. That's my philosophy and I'm sticking with it. And yes: Eggmanland is a pain in the **** to get an S rank in.

    19 july 2022 00:33 1625

    in my opinion sonic unleashed isnt bad but it could be improved a lot

    19 july 2022 01:35 1625

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