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    Gamehag isn't bad if you ain't got high expectations

    Been here for 6 days and I have got 1080 gems..I basically watched ads got 2 articles accepted and got some gems from chests. My goal is the 5usd steam wallet gift card.

    3 august 2019 15:45 1628

    Nice job! I really need to start making some gems...

    3 august 2019 17:07 1628

    ****, i've been here for a month and haven't made more than 600, i guess i'll have to make some articles too

    3 august 2019 20:04 1628

    hy all of uh how r u

    3 august 2019 20:05 1628

    FaizKTG, where are you from?

    3 august 2019 20:41 1628

    Been here for almost a year but i only get over 6000sg a bit just by watching ads. And all of them were used on chests :((((

    4 august 2019 09:15 1628

    I'm from algeria, biolbe.

    4 august 2019 11:10 1628

    @3mblade vpn is certainly not a solution, if you get caught you get banned

    4 august 2019 11:35 1628

    I've been only earning from daily logins and just started to discover other ways of earning gems and XP... guess I've been missing out :/

    4 august 2019 16:25 1628

    well in my case is prety hard to earb gems but its free its understandable

    4 august 2019 16:38 1628

    @Dazza11, I'm telling you in advance, this is regarding the 5 USD Steam Wallet Gift Card that you are trying to aim for might not be available as of the moment or will never even be available again, you may also check the rewards section for validation.

    Also, the topic title of the thread is very true. The more you expect something on this site, the more you get disappointed. Been here for a long time and I must say that most things here, are actually pretty bad. I couldn't even count the times I got mad due to this site's bad service and etc. Even the forums section still has plenty of spammers. I don't think this is the users fault, if gamehag is maintained properly, there wouldn't have been any problems whatsoever. Also, the more you complain, the more the admins won't entertain you. Just do what you gotta do I guess.

    4 august 2019 17:50 1628

    @Galahad yea I saw that info on another post..I may not collect soul gems anymore

    4 august 2019 20:15 1628

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