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    South Park: The Fractured But Whole, continuation of South Park: Stick of Truth, is a game RPG with the elements of combat based on turns and the graphics with cartoon characters.

    Creators of the famous series, Treya Parker and Matt Stone, were invited to collaborate in the desenvolvement of this game. They were responsible for writing a storyline and dialogues, and they created a very autentic content. Everything was done in the style of the original series South Park, so this time we enjoy somethig different than a fantasy world.

    An action of this game takes plas in the city of South Park. Once again, we embody a role of a young boy, whose family recently moved to this city. We can choose a gender, race and religion of our character. Obviously, in certain way, this will have a great influence on dialogue lines of each one.

    The Cartman's team started a project of turning The Coon and Friends into the best series ever! Super Heros have to fight against Professor Chaos in order to restore order in the city.

    Don't wait any longer and join the Cartman's team and consegue your free key of South Park: The Fractured But Whole.