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    Kerbal Space Program is an unusual simulator. The player must create his space program from scratch. The title has been equipped with a highly advanced spacecraft editor. In turn, the flying simulator is based on the true laws of physics, which definitely adds to its attractiveness. Gameplay is not straightforward and is aimed at people who like DIY and thinking. Visually, the game is quite minimalistic, but thanks to that it is perfectly legible. Kerbal Space PC Program is an award in the form of a game for desktop computers.

    Kerbal Space Program PC bg

    Kerbal Space Program PC

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    If you like unusual challenges, then the Kerbal Space Program will definitely appeal to you! The game is an unusual simulator, in which the user's task is to develop their own space program from scratch.

    The title is very popular due to the extensive spacecraft editor. The Kerbal Space Program is also based on the real laws of physics, which makes the gameplay more realistic.

    We encourage you to exchange Soul Gems for the Kerbal Space Program award for PC now and enjoy developing your space program!