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    Misty, 24 september 2019 06:02

    World of Warships - Game Guide

    "World of Warships" is a network game released on the PC platform characterized by action, elements of simulation and of the MMO genre. It refers to two other games in this series - "World of Tanks" and "World of Warplanes". However, its specificity lies in something completely different from the previous parts of the series. The game requires some skill, reflection and planning skills.

    The Basics

    To have any chance of winning, you should first get acquainted with the available models and possibilities that each of them brings:

    • AIRCRAFT CARRIER - focuses on destroying cruisers and conducting artillery fire
    • DESTROYER - uses its agility and extremely strong torpedoes to fight, is created to fight heavier aircraft carriers and battleships
    • BATTLESHIP - its work focuses on destroying cruisers. It also performs artillery fire
    • CRUISER - guards heavier ships (aircraft carriers and battleships) both against destroyers and against aviation


    If your choice is Battleship, you must watch out for the Destroyers. Try not to move when there is no anti-aircraft guard around you. If, in turn, you decide on a Cruiser, then do not fight alone with the Battleships. Be careful with Destroyers. However, if the Destroyer is your choice, avoid open water areas, artillery clashes with Cruisers and Battleships, and under no circumstances stop when you have no cover nearby. When you have an Aircraft Carrier, you must be careful not to be in the range of fire from enemy artillery ships. The principle can be compared to playing "rock-scissors-paper". Battleships destroy cruisers, Cruisers destroy Destroyers, Destroyers destroy Battleships. Aircraft carriers can handle them all on one condition - distance must be kept, up close they have no chance of winning.

    Types of fights

    There are three main and effective ways to fight the enemy. These include: piercing, burning and sinking.

    • PIERCING - this is the easiest way to win a fight. You just have to shoot the enemy with anti-tank missiles. There is a very big chance that one of them will destroy the opponent's armor and damage the internal modules and compartments. A good destination is the citadel, that is the central spot of the ship. There are ammo depots, boiler rooms and engine rooms. Hitting the depot will result in a great explosion, while shooting the engine room or destroying the boiler room will effectively immobilize the ship. However, the citadel is usually protected by the thickest armor. So let's work on tactics and check the angle of fire, distance and the caliber of the bullet.
    • BURNING - this method consists of the useage of the high explosive incendiary shells. There is no need to be very precise here. Just hit the deck or any place on board. Elements such as chimneys, cannons and superstructures will burn quickly. Fire significantly affects the condition of the ship. It weakens and devastates it severely.
    • SINKING - this method consists of piercing a ship's underwater hull. When you do this, the enemy’s ship should sink. Unfortunately, this crazy method can be performed only by using one type of projectile - the torpedo. Torpedoing the opponent causes the ship to lose HP and significantly reduce speed. Maneuvering is the most important during naval combat, which is why such damage causes almost immediate defeat.