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    Rate this article "Viridi [Steam] - Review and Info"

    (4.64/5) 28 rates
    noobda, 4 november 2017 20:42

    Viridi [Steam] - Review and Info

    Viridi a simulation game where you will basically simulate the growth of a plant starting from seed till it becomes a grown plant, taking care of it as it progresses along its growth in a pot...

    This game is pretty soothing and calm to play, as its just a simulation involving watering and plucking the grass from the pot while taking care of our plant. And that's it, you have to leave the game for like a day, it grows as the day passes, so simulation it is....

    I'll be providing th basic stuff and some important info for users playing this game on Steam.... read on

    About the Game:

    Viridi, a game where you nurture and take care of a plant in a pot of succulents which grow as time passes, yes in real-time. The game is pretty calm, soothing and gives you tranquil when ever you need it.

    Yep, this game is available for both Android and iOS along with PC (on steam of course)... This game was released on August 20th 2015 on steam.... and yes this is a 



    , not a free-to-play game. Yes, you don't have to buy anything except there are some micro-transactions where you'll be buying some seeds/seedlings to plant, but you can however the game gives you one type of seed every week, so it is a FREE game.

    Here is some information about the game from steam:

    • Single-Player, or what did you expect
    • Steam Cloud saves
    • Available for Windows, MAC, and steam OS (linux)
    • Has Steam Achievements
    • Very Positive reviews so far

    The main thing about this game is it used Unity engine, the developer made a good choice here. By the way the developer of this game is Ice Water Games...


    Well, the game starts something shown below...

    You start with an empty pot with some soil in it along with that snail, which doesn't seem to grow along with time but sure it is fun...

    You will be provided with some seeds at the start of the game and you'll be given a different seed every week once you start playing the game. Here for 

    Steam users, 

    those seeds that you receive will go directly to your 


    yes they'll stockup in your steam inventory along with your CSGO skins and PUBG items.... But bear in mind that these will be gone once you use them, and they can be tradable if you are wondering...

    While the game itself is soo soothing and peaceful, there is some nice calming music playing in the background while you water your plants and pluck the unnecessary growth of the unwanted grass and stuff that's not needed. After watering the plants sufficiently for some days, you'll eventually have something like this....

    or like this

    or if you're lucky and got the rare seed that you won't get unless you do those micro-transactions (not needed unless you're willing to helpout the developers), your pot will some how look like this....


    A good clicker game that actually involves very less 'clicking' yet very soothing and gives you calm satisfaction especially for plant lovers and stressed out people out there. Viridi is such a cool little game that'll eventually need a play to get going with the achievements and get some tranquility in the typical routine gaming life...

    Thank you :)

    Rate this article Viridi [Steam] - Review and Info

    (4.64/5) 28 rates


    ooo this game seems interesting. imma play it

    3 may 2020 15:20

    dis article is good

    13 may 2020 07:18

    I have it on my phone, super relaxing!

    30 may 2020 23:58

    nice article it's a really great game!

    20 march 2020 17:19

    great article it really helped

    3 november 2020 08:40


    29 july 2021 16:22

    Looks like a fun game, I might play it sometime 10/10 article.

    4 september 2020 16:55

    nice hope u it gets pub

    10 march 2020 13:17