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    L0RDC0RV0, 23 december 2017 00:50

    Rocket League Review for Nintendo Switch

    Almost without realizing it, it's been more than two years since Rocket League started surprising us in its console versions. Now, Psyonix is taking the final step in its conquest plan to consolidate the Nintendo Switch version, which was released on November 14,2017 at a price of 19.99€. What sacrifices did the developer Panic Button (the same ones who took over the Doom Switch port) have to make to get her driving and sports game into the Nintendo hybrid? What improvements does this version offer over your other sisters? Keep reading to check.

    The price they have had to pay to adapt the game to a relatively less powerful hardware is obvious, but it does not worsen the quality of this version of the game. As with Doom, on-screen resolution suffers in order to maintain the 60 frames per second needed to keep Rocket League moving as smoothly as ever. The game is displayed at 720p in TV mode, and in dynamic resolution ranging from 720 to 576p when playing in portable mode. In addition, the edges of vehicles and the stage are coarser, which makes it less clear what happens in the distance. However, this difference becomes an almost invaluable detail when we dispute the possession of the ball or try to reject a rival shot, since the game is still as we recalled in almost all its playable aspects and performance.

    To this we must add that the easiness to find games and the stability of these remains the highest, at the level of the rest of versions. This fidelity, together with the rocky image rate and the fact that all the peculiarities of the game's control system are maintained, means that we are talking about the same brilliant game as always. The one that puts you for hours and hours on end in one game after another, and that makes you feel every goal and every skid as if we were the ones in the dome, and not a remote-controlled car. That is the great virtue of the game, its fidelity to the rest of versions beyond that small pothole, which together with the recently released portability of the proposal, makes it one of those games that you have to carry with you yes or yes.

    It's true that the essence of Rocket League has always been online gaming, and playing in the subway or bus, we'll hardly have access to an internet connection, but this version of the game includes the possibility to play on a split screen. In laptop mode the screen may get too small, but it makes up for it by allowing us to control the cars with just one Joy-Con, at the expense of not having a second stick with which we can move the camera freely. To this feature we must add the fact that we will be able to play in crossplay with Xbox One and PC players, maintaining the same stability of connection as in' normal' games, making this version of Rocket League the most social of all on the market.

    Finally, the last detail that should be added is the special touches of this version, with several exclusive car models, also accompanied by sound effects made in Nintendo. It's not exactly the sickle in terms of novelty and, as with the exclusive cars of other versions, it doesn't affect the gameplay, but this is a welcome novelty.

    As for the amount of content that the game includes, it is about the basic content, with several DLCs available from the very first moment of the game on the market, but also various game modes and courts available (basketball, ice-hockey, etc...). Added to this is the fact that the game will grow and be updated at the same time as other platforms, a prerequisite for continuing to allow cross-gaming between Switch, PC and Xbox One. That makes it clear that Rocket League on Nintendo Switch is the same game we knew. If you've played it before, you know what you'll find. If you have it, also, but the portable factor and split screen are the novelties of this version, at the cost of losing something in terms of its visual presentation. In other words, this is one of the best sports games of today, and also one of the most played, besides being a quite brilliant port.

    The verdict

    Rocket League on Nintendo Switch manages to offer all the gameplay and features of the original gameplay, and adds an extra dose of portability and split-screen mode to it.  The price you pay for it is a slight graphical downturn, but it is not something that will make us take our hands to the head. In short, a brilliant version of one of the most important sports games of today's video game generation.

    Rate this article Rocket League Review for Nintendo Switch

    (4/5) 10 rates


    Maybe i will get rocket league too

    21 january 2019 07:47

    Reviews are Common but great -w-

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    I like Rocket League Review for Nintendo Switch

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    nice article thanks
    i wasnt know rocket lueage for nitendo switch thx

    1 january 2018 17:30

    good work, keep write

    29 december 2019 09:26

    Rocket League is so much fun to play with friends or online rivals. I should mention it's totally free now for all players.

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