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    bro_dual, 13 june 2020 07:26

    PlayStation 5: What's Coming?

    Sony's long-awaited PlayStation 5 reveal stream went live just last Thursday on Twitch - garnering about 7 million viewers. Is this brand new console really worth all the hype that it's getting? In this article, I share a little recap of what we currently know about the PS5 and what we expect from it in the coming future.

    Console Design and Additional Accessories

    As of now, the PS5 comes in one white design, but in two different schemes: the standard edition and the digital edition — the only difference being that the digital edition does not have a disc tray. Some new accessories are also coming to the PS5 — namely the media remote, the DualSense™ charging station, the PULSE 3D™ Wireless Headset, and a new high definition camera to be coupled with the PS Virtual Reality.


    Instead of a micro USB port, the controller now sports a USB-C port for the power cable. The controller will also have a built-in mic for you to be able to chat with people without the need for a headset.

    Improved Immersion with Haptics

    The controller features were teased earlier on in April, and there seems to be a stark difference between the tech of the PS5 and PS4 controllers. Although the button and stick layouts are more or less the same, the PS5 controller has a brand new feature — the brand new haptic feedback technology.


    What this essentially does is allow players to feel a different range of sensations, and not just vibrations like the previous DualShock™ controller. The L2 and R2 buttons will now have some level of resistance, depending on what developers decide to incorporate in their games. Drawing a bow in-game for example, might produce some resistance in the buttons just to mimic the feeling of tension in a bowstring when shooting an arrow in real life. Gamers may find this feature interesting as it adds to the immersive experience of games.

    Full Backwards Compatibility?

    You may have possibly caught on to some rumors regarding the PS5 having full backwards compatibility for earlier PlayStation games. This, unfortunately, may not be the case for games from the PS3 and earlier editions due to the disparity in chip design. It is, however, most likely for PS4 games to be played on the PS5. As our grasp of technology improves, full backwards compatibility might become available in future console releases, just not this time.



    Sony has not yet released the official price of the PS5, but people speculate it to be within the 500-dollar range. Additional information on the official price is predicted to be released some time around the month of July together with the possible pre-order date.

    Confirmed Game Releases

    During the reveal event, Sony announced over 24 new exclusive games for this upcoming console. Among the games are famous titles, Hitman 3, NBA 2K21, Grand Theft Auto 5, Resident Evil: 8 Village, Gran Turismo 7, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, to name a few.


    Some games that are being released on the PS4 are also rumored to be getting released on the PS5 as well. These games are Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and the Ghost of Tsushima. There isn't any solid proof that these are the games that are going to be released on both the consoles, but Mark Cerny, the lead system Architect for the PlayStation, has stated in an interview that numerous new games are being released for both the PS4 and the PS5. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements regarding these games in the future!

    I personally think that it is likely we might see The Last of Us Part II on the PS5. I think the new controller's haptic feedback feature will work really well with this game, so developers might want to take advantage of that.


    Many people are looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 being released on the PS5, but sadly, Michal Nowakowski of CD Projekt Red has clarified that despite the rumors and previous announcements, Cyberpunk 2077 might not be available on this next-gen console for quite some time. It's safe to say that we shouldn't expect to be seeing this game on the PS5 any time soon, so if you were looking forward to playing this game, it might be best for you to just pre-order its PC release.


    Are you looking forward to the new PS5? Are you planning on getting this console or would you rather go for Microsoft's X Box? Feel free to discuss in the comments down below and happy gaming, everyone!

    Rate this article PlayStation 5: What's Coming?

    (4.44/5) 219 rates


    the ps5 looks good but it may be a good a good thing but a litle bit expensive

    3 july 2020 18:00

    The launch is imminent and we hope that this time if good launch titles come out and that it is not like the last generation. Ps5 is awesome , waiting for its prive reveal , i watched upcoming games trailer , all are awesome!the desing of this modem is better then the fridge...

    20 february 2021 11:27

    The console looks like a modem/router. I've yet to buy it

    10 july 2020 00:15

    The new Ps5 looks very cool and modern

    8 july 2020 03:30

    I wish i could buy this but I can't yet but good article

    23 june 2020 08:57

    cool article. might buy ps5 depending on price

    22 june 2020 09:44

    ps5 is awesome , waiting for its prive reveal , i watched upcoming games trailer , all are awesome

    22 june 2020 14:08

    i don't like very much this playstation because is not very good

    14 june 2020 00:46

    i cant buy this but this article helpful and good

    15 june 2020 09:12

    the desing of this modem is better then the fridge

    16 june 2020 16:23