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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #6 - Weekend Chest, WoWS bonus and in-shop news"

    (4.48/5) 128 rates
    Misty, 17 january 2020 11:55

    News from Gamehag #6 - Weekend Chest, WoWS bonus and in-shop news

    Chest Weekend has started!

    From 17 to 20th of January 2020 you can open a free chest, in which you can find a at least guaranteed Premium Steam key. You need only to collect at least 500 SG during the promo to receive this reward which normally costs more than 2000 SG. Hurry up! - that bargain may never happen again! In the chest you will find:

    500 000 SG

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Rainbow Six Siege

    GTA 5


    The Sims 4

    Kinguin Gift Card 25 Eur

    Steam Wallet 20 Eur

    Steam Wallet 10 Eur

    Premium Random Steam CD-Key

    2 Million silver and WoWS bonus

    Premium ship Emden and 2 000 000 silver are waiting for you! Join the fun in World Of Warships and receive a new player bonus!

    New Chest

    You can find brand new, virtual currency chests in our shop. There are Roblox, Minecraft or even Fortnite rewards among them.

    Much more can happen!

    Stay tuned and check what’s new await at Gamehag. Play games and grab magic rewards!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #6 - Weekend Chest, WoWS bonus and in-shop news

    (4.48/5) 128 rates


    Saya akan mencoba nyaaaa dengan telitih

    10 february 2020 03:15

    i didnt get the chance to get the chest,i was grounded for the weekend :/

    10 february 2020 03:11

    It's so hard to collect 500 sg in 3 days, but thanks anyway.

    27 february 2020 03:56

    such a great weekend would it be

    28 march 2020 16:34

    wow 500 000 SG it is really intresting and i will sure try my best to get that

    10 february 2020 03:10

    it's informative...
    but it's hard to get a 500sg in just 3 days...
    you play the mission
    but it was rejected....always
    you can get 500sg if will top up maybe....
    Apakah ini semua benar

    10 february 2020 03:09

    Its bit hard to collect these many points to open chests as the surveys dont work for me

    3 april 2020 14:27

    very good

    30 march 2020 10:24

    😃Good news, but it's a bit hard for me to collect 500 SG in 3 days, good luck to those that do What Dont?

    10 february 2020 03:07

    good news igot mannuz rune then i'll wait for 6 days to get it then mannaz rune will gave me 40 soul gems *** cool

    25 november 2021 23:20