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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #16 - Millions of Soul Gems or a new console? Make your choice!"

    (4.45/5) 155 rates
    Misty, 13 july 2020 11:44

    News from Gamehag #16 - Millions of Soul Gems or a new console? Make your choice!

    Find your dream treasure!

    It’s finally summer, a perfect time to just relax and grab a huge amount of great rewards on Gamehag! From 8th of July to 10th of August you'll have a chance to decide for the first time which reward you prefer to get from summer treasures. Each week of our event you’ll find a set of two chests in your inventory. It is up to you which treasure will be yours.

    Are you drawn to the mountains or the sea?

    Join Merlin on the sandy beach and look for the signs of Pirate Treasure. It’s been heard that waves washed it ashore during one of the storms. You can also catch up with Misty and wander along the mountain trails with her. According to the legend, a mysterious treasure with precious content was hidden somewhere in the nearby caves. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find it! Choose the direction of your journey and decide which treasures you'll grab on your way.

    Treasure map

    You can change your location every week to open the chest which contains more attractive rewards for you! Remember to think your choice through, once you open the chest, the other one will disappear forever! Which treasure will you decide to open first?

    From 8.07 to 17.07 you’ll find in your inventory:

    I Pirate Treasure, filled with indie games

    I Mountain Treasure, filled with the best game remasters

    More and more valuable chests!

    The longer your Summer Adventure lasts the better treasures you might find on your way. Over time it will get harder to choose between the chests, but you can plan in advance which rewards you want to get!

    From 17.07 to 24.07 you have an opportunity to open:

    II Pirate Treasure, filled with Minecraft and Roblox rewards

    II Mountain Treasure, filled with prepaid cards

    And from 24.07 to 31.07 you can grab one of these:

    III Pirate Treasure, filled with CS:GO rewards

    III Mountain Treasure, filled with the best titles of 2019/2020

    The legendary treasure chests!

    If you manage to get to the end of our Summer Adventure you’ll have a chance to be one of the first people to reach the greatest treasure. Make the choice and decide which of the legendary treasures you want to get. Don’t wait with opening the last chest, if you don't get it by 10.08, you’ll lose your chance to get these rewards:

    IV Pirate Treasure, filled with the new consoles!

    IV Mountain Treasure, filled with millions of Soul Gems!

    It's time to pack your backpacks and hit the road! Play games, complete tasks and end your Summer Adventure with a new console or millions of SG!

    Which reward you hope to win the most? Let us know!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #16 - Millions of Soul Gems or a new console? Make your choice!

    (4.45/5) 155 rates


    wow thank youu so much for the prizes gamehag

    9 october 2020 11:33

    Your Comment is too short

    28 july 2020 21:21

    this is really great

    15 july 2020 12:20

    nice, im pumped

    5 august 2020 16:59

    i think i'd do the pirate :)

    21 july 2020 21:32

    Mountain treasure has better rewards. but i preffer that play station 4 pro or slim it doesnt matter. Cant wait to reach the amount of SG for that haha

    13 july 2020 17:52

    is there is a only ships i think there is a warplanes am i correct ?.

    14 july 2020 10:53

    thx the article

    14 july 2020 21:51

    This is perfekt!

    25 july 2020 16:03

    Yea, thanks for the great free chests. However, as Gamehag recently told us the odds of getting something good from purchasable chests, I assume there is almost a 2.5% chance (in each chest) of gaining what we really want instead of Random-Steam-CD-Keys.

    13 july 2020 16:25