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    (3.91/5) 11 rates
    makkrob, 12 august 2017 23:27

    Neo Scavenger

    I'm about to introduce you all to one of my favorite games, Neo Scavenger.

    Neo Scavenger is a post apocalyptic strategy game where you start out by picking traits that will essentially decide whether your character lives or dies. You could go the route of a combat expert, medic, bear grills, and more. This works via a point system which you can spend on skills. You can raise the number of skill points you start out with by giving your character flaws which can range from insomnia to feebleness. It will take a couple runs to get down a skill set that works, so don't expect to beat the game first try.

    Once you finish setting up your character the game will push you into its next mechanic decision making. The decisions you make in this game can have long term effects and short term effects. These decisions are affected by your skills and inventory, making each game feel like a different experience and allowing for different play styles.

    The game map is hexagonal and is the same in each game, this is not a problem however because it's large enough to where it will take awhile to find everything. View distance is a thing in this game and it is affected by multiple variables such as time, items, skills, and conditions. The further you go away from the lab the more dangerous things become with different directions having different dangers.

    Each hexagon will have at least one place to loot, using light sources such as torches, lighters, or flashlights increase the chances of finding better loot and decrease the chance of you injuring yourself (the places you loot also affect your chances of getting injured). Some places will require a crowbar to open so always try to keep one handy. Loot is random but you have better chances of finding things like berries in the wilderness and things like guns and ammo in buildings.

    Eventually, you will encounter people and creatures which will activate the combat interface, now be careful just because this pops up doesn't make the thing you're encountering hostile(and there's also the matter of if they actually see you), some things will be afraid of you or neutral towards you. You can always try to run from enemies or scare them off by threatening them. The more you damage an enemy the weaker they get, however the same applies to you just because you win the battle doesn't mean you won't bleed to death in the process.

    It is very important to take care of injuries and illnesses as soon as possible because they will hinder your progress and can easily lead to death if untreated. You can rip up clothing into cloth to use as bandages but first, if you can you'll want to sterilize the cloth using boiling water. Something important to note is that unless you have the medic trait it will be tough to tell what illness you have and what you need to get rid of it. 

    There is still a lot to this game that I haven't explained that I'll leave to you to figure out (after all I don't want to spoil too much), and should you get to the point where you feel like you found all there is to discover you can always add mods to change things up.

    Rate this article Neo Scavenger

    (3.91/5) 11 rates


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    15 october 2021 19:08

    very nice and great

    9 december 2021 19:26

    great article

    4 may 2020 21:42

    great article but it needs pictures

    21 december 2019 18:46

    nice article even the game seems interesting.

    7 june 2021 11:16

    Lol this game is Wow

    8 august 2019 15:45

    great article but it needs pictures .. good work anyway !!!

    29 february 2020 20:48

    This is new and I will try this.

    25 october 2019 03:45

    Not too bad

    2 february 2020 18:41

    Great job on the article

    25 december 2019 05:02