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    gabriel_jose_batista, 17 september 2017 02:58

    How to pass nervous playing

    an unusual tutorial, many of the readers should already do it naturally

    1 - Play a difficult game - Playing a game that you often become frustrating or otherwise stressful, this will make you nervous (Super meat boy, Hotline Miami, I Wanna be the guy).

    2 - Cooperative online games - Whoever has gotten that guy troll, finishes his game and you have a defeat even playing right the game, this is very annoying and generates nervous in many ded you (Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends).

    3 - Unstable Internet - I'm playing good with my perfect frag on the dota (13/0), when you least expect your connection drops or else your ping goes heights, what to do ??, cry, cry a lot, or get stressed .

    4 - Wrong decision - this is not very common, but there are people who get irritated by choosing a wrong decission. An example of a game is life is strange (no spoilers) where a decision of yours changes the whole story.

    5 - Collect something and lose everything - in games that we have to accumulate money or something of the genre (Souls) in Dark souls, you need the souls to pass of level, to buy equipment, souls in that game is everything, and if you die what happens, LOSE EVERYTHING, after dying you can recover by going to the same place that died, but if you die before recovering these souls, they will disappear, GOODBYE SOULS.

    6 - The sims - It is more stressful than you to plan the house, to think of comodo by comfortable, to construct everything right, in the end to happen what ?, MISSING MONEY, this of a hate at will is to make code of money or to close the game, you want to play the pc away at this time

    Rate this article How to pass nervous playing

    (2.89/5) 19 rates


    someone think this way is good

    29 april 2020 18:47