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    dracindo, 25 september 2017 16:54

    Gamehag chests: Are they worth it?

    A quick breakdown of whether or not you should ever buy a chest on Gamehag.

    Gamehag offers some neat-o rewards for a rather low price. However, the prize you get is random. Not only that, but the chests may also contain runes. When you click each potential reward in the chest, you get to see the shop price. Needless to say that the runes aren't worth the Soul Gems you'll spend. Here's a quick list of all the runes and what they do and how valuable they could be:

    • Ansus: gives you +50% for 7 days in Soul Gems for writing the articles.
      If you write articles daily, most of them get approved, and pay you well, this could be profitable.

    • Hagl: provides you a bonus of +100% for playing mini games during a time of 24 hours.
      If you can force yourself to play Gamehag Katana all day, you might earn yourself a refund from that chest.

    • Mannaz: provides you a bonus of +40% Soul Gems for daily login during 7 days.
      Yeah, that's 2 extra Souls Gems every day, for a total of 14 extra Soul Gems. There's also the 7-day bonus, but don't expect 20% from that to be enough for a chest refund.

    • Tiwaz: gives you +25% Soul Gems you get during 24 hours from the Walls of Offers
      If all the offers would actually work, this could possible give you that chest refund, maybe even profit.

    • Fehu: gives you 10% Soul Gems for in-game tasks for 24 hours. 
      They should be more clear about this. Like, does the bonus apply if you've sent in the a valid screenshot within 24 hours of activating the rune, or does the screenshot have to be approved with those 24 hours? If you send in all tasks at once and receive this 10% bonus from all of them, than this rune might be profitable. But don't count on it.
    • Algiz: a bonus of +20% for Daily Missions during 7 days.
      I have no idea what they mean with this rune. What are these Daily Missions? They should be more clear about this, but meanwhile you could be stuck with this rune, not knowing how to take advantage from this rune.

    • Raido: get +20% experience during 7 days.
      So basically, after 5 days of exhausting all means of getting experience, you could say that you have gained experience from an extra day. Which only gets you Soul Gems faster. So you don't get extra Soul Gems, you just get Soul Gems you're expected to get earlier.

    • Berkana: a bonus of 50% Soul Gems gained for referring friends. The Berkana rune will be active for 7 days.
      For each friend you invite and wait to reach 1000 Soul Gems, you could earn 200 Soul Gems yourself plus 100 Soul Gems bonus. So, if you have enough friends who are close to that point or you're like Marvelousga (a.k.a. MagicCookies), this one could be profitable.

    So now we ran through the runes, you could say that some could be useful, depending on how you personally manage to earn your Soul Gems, and some that are completely useless. But in the end, the rune you get basically forces you to spend more valuable time on things you don't want to do. The only comfort is that you can activate these runes whenever you want.

    But what if you're lucky? If you can manage to earn a reward other than a rune, would it be worth it then? Well, let me make an example. There's the Lucky Chest. From this chest, I can earn one of 3 games I really want, 1 game I already own, one of 7 games I don't want, or 1 Mannaz rune. If I were to win a key for a game that I already own, it's useless, and I have to give it away or sell it, and the same goes for if it's a game I didn't want.

    So unless you can see yourself profiting from all the possible rewards you could get, you should not buy a chest.

    There is an exception, though. Should you want to leave Gamehag, and you don't have enough to buy the game you want directly, you could always have a go at the chests. If you are very lucky, you may end up with the game you wanted anyway. If you get a game you didn't want, you could always try it out. You got it for free anyway, that's something. And if you already own the game, give it to a friend as a (late) birthday present. Nobody needs to know how greedy you are. Wink wink.

    Rate this article Gamehag chests: Are they worth it?

    (4.61/5) 57 rates


    Low chances btw

    16 march 2019 15:23

    Now I can trade them for gems :)

    6 march 2019 05:20

    If I'm correct, MarvelousGA do a thing where they give away codes for chests if you have enough SGs...what's nice is that it doesn't actually take them SGs from ya, which is even better ^^

    29 september 2017 13:50

    All i got is a game, and guess what they gave, 'A Duplicate Key'....
    I asked them, and 'we're looking into it, please have patience'

    29 september 2017 06:35

    hi guys hi

    15 november 2020 20:25

    i don t know

    15 november 2020 20:24

    We're all like moons. It has a dark side...

    25 february 2022 03:42

    yea i agree with the chest thing too u can get them from codes dont buy them :3

    28 september 2017 16:51

    Also, I scored 4 chests yesterday and this is what I got: a 400SG **** game, a 1200SG **** game, 1 ansus rune and 1 fehu rune. Sold everything and earned 925 Soul gems. It would've been less than 300SG if two of those 4 chests did have runes in 'em.

    28 september 2017 13:01

    Oxana, I'm pretty sure the chances of getting a rune is above 95%. The lucky chest seems cheap and only contains 1 rune, but that rune only gives you 2 extra soul gems from your daily login for 7 days, so only 14 SG's. Maybe the 7-day bonus applies as well, but still won't be worth 5% of what you've spent.

    28 september 2017 12:57