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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Piano tiles 2

    this game is good, play every day, fun guaranteed

    16 january 2020 18:08

    it is a good game its one of the greatest games on the store

    24 january 2020 16:56

    I enjoy spending time on this game, definitely would play again :ok_hand:

    25 january 2020 11:39

    i love music uh ah nice . love this game

    26 january 2020 11:48

    Very cool game. Had alot of fun playing it.

    27 january 2020 07:36

    pretty ql game,like the game theme,and its easy to get the soul gems

    27 january 2020 21:19

    i like the game because of the music xd especially when my network dies lol

    29 january 2020 22:36

    The game is really good. It improves every update.

    3 february 2020 12:01

    so satisfying, i enjoy it playing it, love music and songs

    3 february 2020 14:28

    This used to be my favorite game and I've played for years. I, like many others, used my Facebook account to save my progress, but now suddenly I've been signed out of FB and there isn't even an option anymore to log back in and access my YEARS worth of progress. I have tried uninstalling the game, downloading the facebook app, and many other things to try to get back in but nothing has worked and I've only run into bug after bug after bug. I have spent money on this game that I can't get back, and there is apparently no good way to contact the developers to get this fixed or get a refund.

    3 february 2020 23:34

    hello im new and id like to make conversation

    4 february 2020 00:55

    this is a good choice if you want to seek a game for your mom

    5 february 2020 14:48

    I like this game, I dont rly have fast fingers so I play more slower songs, unlike my bro he is very good at this game

    6 february 2020 12:12

    the game is good but my hand is not good if i play piano tiles 2 my hands start shaking

    7 february 2020 23:17

    Piano Tiles 2™ - Apps on Google Play Am i right

    9 february 2020 05:59

    I love this game and Im very best player , because I unlocked all the songs

    9 february 2020 19:51

    enjoy spending time on this game, definitely would play again

    12 february 2020 12:08

    nice game, i love playing it. Challenging levels, and nice songs!

    13 february 2020 11:18

    good game but so haves much ads I like musics of this game

    13 february 2020 17:45

    i love this game a lot. My most tiles per second is 6.9

    16 february 2020 10:51

    it has alot of songs so its pretty nice to be honest

    16 february 2020 15:06

    I really enjoyed this game but i think its just getting old i would like if they remade and make it more interactive

    17 february 2020 20:41

    Is good and can let us know the music

    18 february 2020 09:02

    It has many songs that you can discover!

    19 february 2020 06:39

    The game looks really good.
    Is this a mobile game or ps game?

    20 february 2020 01:46

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