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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Neverwinter

    not bad)

    13 august 2018 17:46

    easy gems and a great game

    12 april 2019 23:58

    This is a great game, definitely worth playing long term if like dungeons and dragons! I am actually glad I got paid to play on so fun.

    16 december 2019 07:01

    This is a great game reccomend to play This is a great game reccomend to play

    9 january 2020 20:39

    I tried neverwinter and, to be honest, its kinda meh. Yeah, its quite unique in its feature and gameplays, but it just looks and feels like any mmorpg. But then again, im an FPS guy. You might like it if youre a fan of this stuff. D&D is much more fun with friends IRL imo.

    10 january 2020 02:50

    I got to lvl 10 and so far its great fun...

    10 january 2020 21:06

    i created a new account and got rejected?

    12 january 2020 04:06

    Hi everyone Im new and started neverwinter and did some quests and got distracted and it logged me out and im back to 6 tasks back. know how to save the game?

    12 january 2020 04:37

    yeah thats is the geme is so easiest played

    12 january 2020 19:14

    I love it :D. I really like the way skills are maid. And when you are magician no manna levels = you can cast spells until you die :D.

    12 january 2020 22:19

    Went into the game honestly expecting to find it dull or boring, but I was pleasantly suprised to really enjoy it, now its not going to be my favourite game of all time, but it was one of the most enjoyable games of this genre and type I had ever played, something I will continue to play every now and again.

    13 january 2020 00:31

    soo a new acc to a game i downloaded issent a new acc HOW????????????? yeah i started the carector las xmes and havvent played till yeaterday , is that what you call not a new acc?????????????

    13 january 2020 18:26

    Like the game! The grafics are great and its enjoyable to play with friends to.

    13 january 2020 23:13

    The game is really fun but it is so glitchy and Iv had problems with crashes. Im hoping it can be sorted out as I would play this game a lot more.

    14 january 2020 17:43

    I liked but still i need a little bit to finish the final quest

    15 january 2020 21:45

    very good game and i like it very much i really enjoyd

    16 january 2020 18:41

    its time for weekend chest and this dosent give my my souul gems but the game is veri cool and yeah cool

    17 january 2020 23:51

    I love play whit this and this game my favourite game

    18 january 2020 17:54

    yes its fun and easy and big and as it is online we can play together all the time :-)

    18 january 2020 20:09

    i started the game and got do lvl 10 sent a pic and this rejected me *** this is my new acc almoust 3 days old and i never playd this before but i gott a facking reject what is wrong i dont understand

    yeah i chekt markusmikk100#2606
    Member since: 01/15/2020

    ok and im sooo old player mhm suuuuurree im soo old player

    18 january 2020 22:46

    paladins is better than this

    19 january 2020 09:37

    Hi everyone Im new and started neverwinter and did some quests and got distracted and it logged me out and im back to 6 tasks back. know how to save the game?

    19 january 2020 14:41

    Game great! I love it so far. but I still have other game i want to play

    20 january 2020 02:46

    Markus, you have to make an account through their link to the game. I also needed to make a new account but it does not take alot of time and is worth the reward.

    20 january 2020 16:11

    don't even play this game, made a new account then my task got rejected because I didn't make a new account. When I contacted them, they simply said that "something went wrong, try to make a new account again. What a load of bullcrap

    20 january 2020 23:49

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