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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Lords Mobile

    I dont like this game. The name of in-game systems is always very similar and can be mistaken all the time. Its also pay to win, which makes sense since its a mobile game, but it involves 0 skill. 0/10

    18 january 2020 16:46

    Don't Really like it, I've played it before and at first, it really is addictive but once you get to higher levels it's hard to play especially when you feel the game gets too grindy.

    22 january 2020 07:10

    It's like a generic mobile village app but for some reason I quite like it

    22 january 2020 23:19

    not bad, too many clickbait advertisements, though. I don't understand why so many people promote it.

    27 january 2020 02:25

    my frinds told me not get this game caause it has so many ads and its not fun

    28 january 2020 14:34

    any suggestion on what game to play its been a boring week

    28 january 2020 14:35

    Didnt get paid for attacking a level 2 monster...

    29 january 2020 00:22

    i would never play this game, i only played it because of some points for other app

    3 february 2020 14:37

    I just started to play this game for sg, and actually I like it, its good game and I didnt expect it..

    7 february 2020 09:16

    just started to play this game for sg, and actually I like it, its good game and I didnt expect it..

    9 february 2020 12:04

    I think LM is boring. Who agree?

    9 february 2020 13:11

    The game is really really bad. Very very bad.

    19 february 2020 06:31

    Having played for 1 year and i have to say that this game is very good the graphic not so bad and very suitable for MMORPG. Worthy game to play i suggest

    21 february 2020 01:36

    A game that spams the **** out of you with advertisements but when you get to play it it's actually enjoyable in a randomly weird way. Though progress in the game takes a ton of time but still fun and cool.

    21 march 2020 22:42

    thx guys its helped a lot xD i realy like the game

    24 march 2020 11:12

    great game. kind of addicted to it right now

    25 march 2020 08:17

    o will Teşekkürler Bunu Kim Yazdıysa Çok Saolsun :D

    26 march 2020 10:35

    Is this achievement easy to get?

    26 march 2020 13:13

    i dont like this game too money oriented tbh

    27 march 2020 03:13

    It's very similar to other games
    I don't think it's bad

    29 march 2020 01:12

    not interasted to play this game. time lose.

    30 march 2020 00:14

    I heard it, but I don't know what the game is

    31 march 2020 11:53

    I only played this game so i could get soul gems

    1 april 2020 06:48

    I dont like this game bravo ıyı bı oyun saol game hag

    3 april 2020 11:01

    what is this game about, it looks fun do you guys like

    4 april 2020 00:07

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