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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game CSR Racing 2

    i couldnt agree more haha lol jk i dont get why people just cooy peoples comments instead of writing thier own. shame on you

    6 april 2020 20:20

    Grafikleri İçin İndiriyorsanız Olabilir Ama İndirdiğiniz Gün Çok Seveceksiniz ve fark edeceksiniz ki birkaç gün sonra oyundan sıkılmaya başlayacaksınız ve oyunun artık sarmadığını fark edeceksiniz ben beğenmedim pek tavsiye etmem

    19 april 2020 19:38

    racing games are SO SUSSY. i don t trust them

    12 december 2021 22:02

    Promise yourself to forgive others, don't keep negative feelings inside you, and don't waste your energies and time thinking about who's causing you distress and pain...

    13 january 2022 06:55

    I like the game but its kinda hard with the upgrades overall the game its good well done.

    19 january 2022 11:07

    Man may forget himself, his life and his age, but he never forgets who insults his pride and pride in his life, because whoever does so hurts and insults human dignity...

    21 january 2022 08:19

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