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    Csgo skin is sent but didn't arrived in my acc.

    What should I do? I

    27 march 2019 10:11 1628

    Maybe you should patiently wait. I know it's not certain. I ordered a game key and took so long to arrive but at least I still got the key.

    27 march 2019 11:55 1628

    Had the same problem before, you just need to wait for it to arrive in your steam account. Probably after 24 hrs or even less than that

    31 march 2019 14:31 1628

    Contact with misty

    31 march 2019 15:06 1628

    wrote to misty

    31 march 2019 21:18 1628

    Misty won't be able to help, if your reward have not yet arrived, then contact support, but one problem is that they have been inactive as of the moment

    1 april 2019 07:17 1628

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