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    9 march 2019 07:17 1628

    I liike gamehag because been using other reward websites as well and reward apps too, although for my country the offers are quite limited, here at gamehag i got option of appzone ad watching plus option of article voting and article writing so still i can make lots of sgs, in this month alone i got over 1k sgs just by doing article voting and ad watching so that is why its the best reward site for me atm.

    9 march 2019 10:35 1628

    I think I already saw topics like this one before

    9 march 2019 11:58 1628

    Seems to be one of the best because it offers good rewards and quick enough !

    9 march 2019 13:42 1628

    I like this site very much, but it's a bit harsh and unacceptable.

    9 march 2019 13:48 1628

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