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    War Thunder

    (4.32/5) 16326 rates

    Play and get

    2500 6000
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Do I need good PC for War Thunder?

    I have gtx 960 and i7 4770. Will I be able to play this game?

    19 july 2022 18:23 11

    I'd say yes. I have played this game on very shitty computers and everything ran well on Low settings.

    15 august 2022 22:43 11

    you don't need a good pc for this, my dude)
    just keep it on low

    21 august 2022 01:37 11

    With planes you can play on low, but in tanks you need good pc

    27 august 2022 19:47 11

    i play on a trash pc on low it work but lags once in a while in a battle

    13 september 2022 04:57 11

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