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    No gems from voting articles?

    I have critiqued articles for a few days now but i haven't gotten any gems out of it. The thing is i am forced to give only thumbs down for everything since every "article" i get to read is a spam - either copied from other sites, written in other language or spamming one sentence. And it doesn't take long to notice this so i don't really bother to read the same texts multiple times when there is no real content. Do i just have to start giving occasional thumbs up even tho the "articles" don't really deserve them? I have tried commenting on all articles and voting them with 1-2 starts but nothing seems to help.

    14 october 2018 05:15 1628

    i have the exact same problem

    14 october 2018 08:47 1628

    I dont now what is problem

    14 october 2018 15:01 1628

    same here. i think GH is cutting corners

    14 october 2018 15:38 1628

    Same thing happen to me few times until i realised that you have to give thumbs up/down accordingly to the article itself! So make sure that you have voted properly and make sure to spend more than 2 min per article...

    So if an article is written in a right way - thumbs up
    If article topic is same as the site - thumbs up
    and so on.... even if the topic of the article is wrong and it is written in a right way, you have to press thumbs up, but in the end press don't publish!
    For spam articles - if the topic of the spam article is same as the site topic, then press thumbs up, but it is wrote in wrong way or copied so thumbs down for written in wrong way!

    Hope it helps, cheers

    14 october 2018 20:45 1628

    Oh i almost forgot... if you start voting articles and there is not full 50 gems reward, only 15-20-30, make sure to come back later before 00:00 and vote on the rest of the articles. It usualy gets up to 50 as the day ends!
    Still if you vote correctly on other articles, you will get the reward of for example 20 gems = 4 voted articles.

    14 october 2018 20:47 1628

    @mb.rider thanks! i'll try this next time i can vote :)

    14 october 2018 20:50 1628

    Just tried taking a bit longer and being more exact with the votes. Unfortunately it did not work at all, just wasted a lot of time doing it :(

    15 october 2018 05:10 1628

    i'm just resigned to the feeling that GH is making SG harder to earn

    15 october 2018 19:09 1628

    Strange, i have received mine 50 gems at 00:30 as usual :/

    Let's try this way...
    1. Click on Misty, then select "I want to tell you something..."
    2. Select "I want to report a bug."
    3. Now select "Articles, forum."
    4. Select "Other." and you will be able to tell them about the voting problem.

    They should respond in the next 12h, sometimes even in 10-15 min but don't count on that because it rarely happens :)
    Also, make sure to describe the problem as clearly as possible because unfortunately they are not that smart xD

    15 october 2018 19:15 1628

    I've got no problems with recieving them.

    15 october 2018 19:45 1628

    Hmm, very weird. I'll try contacting Misty about it. Thanks for the help :)

    15 october 2018 19:51 1628

    No problem :) let me know if they sort out the problem. If not, we can maybe try something else too. It must work :)

    15 october 2018 21:56 1628

    I will start to vote on articles and lets see if I get rewarded.

    15 october 2018 23:30 1628

    How do we vote on articles?

    16 october 2018 07:21 1628

    I have been voting for a week now, and no rewards too. Even when taking time to actually read the spam articles.

    16 october 2018 16:48 1628

    did not receive any SG for voting yesterday :(

    16 october 2018 18:57 1628

    nope, i managed to vote 10 articles. same thing happened today, still no gems

    17 october 2018 04:40 1628

    Now i didn't receive my gems for 2 days in a row :/ i wonder what is going on with Gamehag page... It didn't act like this before

    17 october 2018 18:11 1628

    Well since there is no gems from voting, here is one code for chest!
    Enjoy! I hope you will get something much nicer than me haha (random steam game that sucks :/)

    18 october 2018 22:53 1628

    thanks for the code mb.rider!

    19 october 2018 04:09 1628

    it works for me i got 50 sg for voting articles today

    19 october 2018 04:58 1628

    good for you

    23 october 2018 20:23 1628

    I receive SG sometimes and sometimes i dont 💯

    23 october 2018 20:30 1628

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