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    Why is the game fun and free???

    I don't know why its fun I really wanna know why its fun

    1 may 2021 21:04 2154

    It seems like a waste of time at the beginning but in time you fall in love with it.

    1 may 2021 21:14 2154

    thank you for awnsering!

    1 may 2021 21:14 2154

    Yup, it's fun, I'm glad people enjoy it

    5 may 2021 21:53 2154

    Its fun beacuse it's free :D

    28 september 2021 05:07 2154

    they make their money on the cosmetics and impatient folks. Platinum is purchased currency and is used for speeding up constructions, unlocking things early, getting cosmetics, and opening extra slots for more weapons and frames. So the bulk of Warframes income is from that. On the flipside you can unlock everything in game without spending a cent via trades for certain premium things (prime weapons and parts or frames, and more.) with other warframers to unlock the various things that require plat.

    13 october 2021 21:05 2154

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