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    do you think this game is worth your time?

    the game looks good, but it looks like you have to work a lot harder than usual.

    13 january 2021 08:15 8370

    your bilat is too short

    16 january 2021 09:29 8370

    No, this game tasks takes too long to do

    17 march 2021 13:42 8370

    maybe,it can be boring after playing much

    26 march 2021 19:23 8370

    if it actually gives the rewards it promises, then definitely, its a lot of sg for a lot of time, and also remember than its all in one app, so you don't have to download freaking 10+ GB installers/clients on your pc. just 600 MB on mobile, and about 2 weeks of grinding. im on level 14/17, after about 1 week(about 24 hours of actual gameplay, maybe a bit more).

    26 march 2021 21:05 8370

    and regarding the game itself, yeah, I like it, they aren't stingy with the premium currency rewards for free if you play in a good alliance. or play in general.

    26 march 2021 21:07 8370

    if you think time is worth for this game i think its no

    29 march 2021 21:47 8370

    yeah i mean its fun and will give a lot of soul gems so

    8 april 2021 05:50 8370

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