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    Is it worth to buy?

    What do we get from buying prime and are they worth it?

    19 november 2020 11:18 8487

    If I have understood correctly, prices vary per country so it is hard to say is it worth for you. Also, you can see a full list of content from their websites, but for me, the main benefits are:

    1) Some movies/series that are not included in Netflix

    2) Twitch Prime, mainly for me free sub to my favorite streamer (Not technically free, but it is included=

    3) Super fast deliveries for their Prime products. To be fair, this is the main reason for me to pay a monthly fee to Amazon Prime.

    So if you think it instead of Netflix maybe not worth it, but if more of the benefits fit for you, then it may be worth it.

    1 december 2020 19:23 8487

    If you're a student definitely. But I would say how often are you going to use music streaming, tv/film streaming, need free shipping, etc. If everything is already covered by other services there's not much point in it.

    10 january 2021 08:38 8487

    well it is worth to buy if you have much time to watch

    16 march 2021 15:52 8487

    You can get prime gaming which gives you games/dlc just for already having a prime subcription

    9 october 2021 04:29 8487

    it’s just €2,99 for amazon and prime. I think it’s not bad!

    9 october 2021 11:17 8487

    100% worth it for fast/weekend delivery + prime video

    15 october 2021 01:20 8487

    i think it is because it is really good

    15 october 2021 16:03 8487

    Yeah it is worth it!

    15 october 2021 18:38 8487

    Its worth it for all the PC game goodies you get

    20 october 2021 04:24 8487

    I agree it is worth it

    20 october 2021 05:51 8487

    yeah i think it is

    5 november 2021 16:49 8487

    depends on what games you play and if you buy much on Amazon

    25 november 2021 18:10 8487

    It depends. I find that most of the shows on there are documentaries. You also have to pay extra to watch certain movies or tv shows.

    27 november 2021 19:09 8487

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