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    Alright so alot of people are like AH IM LOSING EXPERIENCE SCAM SCAM I TELL MY MUM. The amount of posts i see on the fourms where its just people saying 'Hello there' or 'Agreed' or in general not contributing to the fourms will effect your level. Now yes, gamehag is a little unfair with the xp cap and pushing people down experience for no reason but in the end you will be rewarded as this site is legitimate. If you dont want to do this then just play games and get xp that way :(

    9 november 2020 11:47 1628

    I think you loose your XP if you say hi or hello or whatever like that alone. I think you need to actually talk to a person instead of just doing it for XP. I had this accout for like a day and I am at leavel two and I am going to be at level three soonso I think I am not going to loose my points because if I do I will acutually leave this site

    13 november 2020 15:10 1628

    I think you lose XP daily and for that you need to be active

    21 january 2021 05:52 1628

    If you put more than 5 per day thats spamming.

    21 january 2021 07:56 1628

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