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    How to now turn into a frog

    If you don’t want to turn to a frog just watch some videos on appzone it takes 30 seconds or do a task

    9 october 2020 19:28 1628

    i tested when watching a video in appzone being in frog mode this wont give you magic shield.

    9 october 2020 19:53 1628

    What even is a frog?

    9 october 2020 21:24 1628

    well it works for me when I watched an add my frog cooldown disappeared but I was already a frog maybe it doesn't reset it if you are still not a frog

    9 october 2020 21:33 1628

    why would you want to turn into a frog?

    10 october 2020 11:27 1628

    For those who don't undestand, when you stop earning soulgems through tasks and contracts, you turn into a frog and you stop getting daily log-in soulgems

    13 october 2020 19:23 1628

    Oooo....What if I do the video thing to earn gems because that I what I usually do the tasks take way much more time.

    13 october 2020 20:23 1628

    Dont do tasks.... Thats how.

    14 october 2020 00:00 1628

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