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    Hey, guys!

    So far, I've been a VIP member for four months already (April 2020 - August 2020), and in that period of time, I gained some experience with being a VIP.

    The reason I am making this thread is due to the lack of reliable sources regarding this feature.

    Many users oscillate if they're going to purchase a VIP Membership or not, so I'd say that this thread would be very helpful for numerous users on the platform.


    So far, you can pay through bank transfer, PayPal, and G-Pay.
    I'd say it's best to pay through bank transfer, but the payment method you're going to use is up to you, as well.
    One of the things which you have to be aware of is the recurring payment.

    Unfortunately, as of August 2020, there's no option to disable the recurring payment. In order to stop the recurring payment, you have to cancel your entire membership.

    When getting the 7-days-trial, you have to be aware of the recurring payment because if you don't cancel it on time, this way you'll activate a full-VIP membership and Gamehag automatically will deduct 4 USD from your bank account or PayPal/G-Pay account (depends on the payment method you chose).

    VIP Rewards

    By VIP Rewards, I mean the VIP chests & runes each VIP member receives after subscribing.

    All VIP Rewards arrive on each VIP member's account automatically.
    Each member receives better & more rewards each month if they haven't canceled their membership (yet).


    Each month, VIP members receive a higher and higher rank.

    Here is a list of the ranks:

    1 Month - 1 Month of Membership.
    2 Months - 2 Months of Membership.
    3 Months - 3 Months of Membership.
    4 Months - 4 Months of Membership.
    5 Months - 5 Months of Membership.
    6 Months - 6 Months of Membership.
    7 Months - 7 Months of Membership.
    8 Months - 8 Months of Membership.
    9 Months - 9 Months of Membership.
    10 Months - 10 Months of Membership.
    11 Months - 11 Months of Membership.
    12 Months - 12 Months of Membership.


    Soul Gem IconObtainment of VIP Runes each month;
    Soul Gem Icon 10% more soul gems after completing in-game tasks;
    Soul Gem Icon Obtainment of VIP Chest(s) with rewards that have a high value;
    Soul Gem Icon Protection from obtaining the Frog Form;
    Soul Gem Icon Visibility of a VIP rank on your profile.

    Any questions regarding VIP?
    Feel free to ask them in the group.

    I will answer them the best of my ability!


    30 august 2020 11:48 8411

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