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    how to get more SG?

    can they till me how to get more SG beacuse i'm poor :(

    20 august 2020 18:53 1628

    Hello! Ik ur from that website where u get free robux, cus same. Anyway you can do tasks, surveys etc in order to get SG.

    20 august 2020 20:44 1628

    but you can send me some soul gem?:d

    21 august 2020 10:15 1628

    The most reliable free way is to do contracts from the mobile app. No verification needed though some of the higher paid contracts are quite lengthy. Second most would be doing PC game tasks but they require verification and can sometimes bug and not register your account of the game.

    Mini games are bugged to not give and are really low payout for how much skill you need.

    Surveys are unreliable if your financial state or country does not appeal to their target market.

    Leveling up gives some gems but only so much.

    Someone could send you soul gems but they have to be level 6.

    Fastest way is to buy soul gems but as you know, that's not free.

    21 august 2020 11:29 1628

    app zone is the best

    21 august 2020 14:51 1628

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