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    A question about Premium Steam keys: what games have you come across?

    I do hope that this thread will not be regarded as spam - there's always a little risk when creating threads and posts, you know :)

    Well...the essence of my wondering is already displayed in the thread's name. If mentioning simple random Steam keys, everything is mostly clear: you can either get some indie projects, or remote \ "partially" remote games from Steam, etc. But as for the Premium ones, I still don't know what to expect. So, before trying my luck, I decided to ask users who took it as a Prize. And - just one more - I do realize that ordering a certain game or even a wallet brings the best profit, so no need to mention about it much ;)

    Which games did you get in it? Is there a chance to get non-Premium keys among the Premium ones? I'd appreciate to see any feedback. Maybe it will even be helpful for other users who wonders about it, too.

    19 august 2020 16:36 1628

    I don't think it's worth it, even if they have a high cost value since there are thousands of games out there and getting something valuable/popular is extremely unlikely.

    19 august 2020 16:55 1628

    well, this be a very intresting topic to explore but I am not sure it be worth buying the premium steam keys as their a random game for 2499SG and even a $5 steam wallet is, currently, 2999 (normally 3099) so only 500 or 600 more SG. Maybe it be worth checking them out more if they were in contests I'd check them out and help add to any infomation we learn on this but I don't think many people buy the premium keys vs a controlled reward on here

    20 august 2020 00:42 1628

    Dear @DarkestTeddy and @owouser, I've already touched briefly what you both have said in my thread description :) Thank you, nevertheless.
    I've created the thread not for another one discussion about whether such random keys worth buying or not, the essence of my interest is clearly indicated at the end.

    Also, a little addition about Steam cards mentioned by @owouser: it's quite hard to catch at least one of them with less than 10-20€ as an actual value. Sometimes it looks like the 5$ ones are constantly out of stock, but that's the different context already.

    Upd: Spam messages (like the one left by @nyxee05) will be reported, as usual.

    20 august 2020 00:52 1628

    Helal olsun aga #g9ooooooooo bttrrrrr ama olsun hıbı saf? Nssojesodkeodneodkemddodnwoxjoenedodnoddkd nice

    20 august 2020 00:53 1628

    To win something good at a random key or chest is really low... Like dont waste ur sg on something u prob wont even like.

    20 august 2020 11:24 1628

    @Klweckwecwc Oh, and again... :)
    Please, do pay attention to the point of this thread, especially to my questions in the end. They are pretty clear. And so are the the purported requested responses, which may simply represent some practical examples from related user experience.

    The thread hasn't been aimed on having another empty discussion of the games' "quality", rigging, etc. Also, I even didn't mention chests or anything related.

    20 august 2020 12:15 1628

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