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    Hello, it's t4tsumihyaku :D

    In this thread, I'll give you the opportunity to report any groups that violate the Gamehag rules in some way.

    In this thread, you can report groups from any servers.


    Group: (the title of the group.)
    Link to the group: (a link to the group.)
    Server: (select the server in which the group was created; for example, the Moderators Help group was formed on the English server.)
    Reason: (give me a good reason to review your report.)

    In advance, thank you for helping us keep the forum clean! :)

    15 august 2020 15:28 8411

    @AnimationPr0 Nope, it's definitely not allowed.

    I'd say it's best to report such groups since spamming encouragement (more like rules breaking) isn't OK.

    Also, thank you for the report! :) I sincerely appreciate your help.

    25 august 2020 07:21 8411

    Group: Best group
    Link to group: https://gamehag.com/forum/best-group
    Server: English Server
    Reason: Created to farm XP/spamming.

    30 september 2020 08:12 8411

    @pavel_hristov Handled. Thanks ;)

    6 october 2020 07:34 8411

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