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    Rewards: Solution to rewards-related problems & Useful information

    Hey, y'all!

    It's t4tsumihyaku, and today, I will talk about rewards-related issues and important stuff which you have to know about prizes.

    Availability of prizes

    That is one of the things that many users complain about - the availability of most prizes.
    Sometimes they don't show up as available logically because they're out of stock.
    The only thing you can do in such cases is declaring an activation demand and wait patiently for a restock. Trust me it pays off :)

    A tip: You can tell if an item is available or not by checking if the delivery time appears or not. If it's lacking, it means that the prize is unavailable. If it doesn't, it means that it's in stock and that you can buy it :)

    On moments it's hard to tell if an item is in stock or not.
    That's because of a pretty common bug.
    For example, an item would show up as available, but after purchasing it, minutes later, you end up receiving a refund.
    This bug usually occurs when Gamehag runs out of stock.
    Note: This bug is harmless, so don't worry about its occasional occurrence.

    Preparation of rewards for dispatch

    Most users don't know that rewards are prepared for dispatch manually, not automatically.

    According to the FAQ, Gamehag has 31 days to deliver the prize to your account.
    If they don't distribute it until then, then you'll receive a refund.
    However, don't worry, it usually doesn't take this long (in most cases).
    There are several reasons which can make the preparation process slower.
    For example, the reward you purchased could be out of stock, or possibly your order could be checked more precisely.
    Sometimes it depends on the activity of administrators, but not always.

    What to do if we receive a duplicate key or code?

    You will receive a refund ONLY if you prove that you really couldn't redeem your key/code.
    You can do that if you provide the following screenshots:

    The first screenshot has to show the key being input in the redemption field.

    The second screenshot has to show the error message.

    And the third screenshot has to show the slot where the game/item should be.
    You can use imgur.com or prnt.sc to link the screenshots to a link.

    If you've already took the screenshots, then contact Misty.
    State the issue briefly, and don't forget to include the screenshots!!
    They play a big role if you want to receive your soul gems back.

    Can I request a refund for a prize I purchased? If so, how?

    Yes, you can do that by making a ticket.

    BUT there's a condition - you have to do that before the reward is ready for dispatch. If the prize is ready for use, then you'll lose the right to request a refund.

    Any questions related to the platform?
    If so, feel free to ask them in the group :)

    Best regards,

    24 june 2020 21:03 8411

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