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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1775 rates

    Do you guys use lower or higher sensitivity?

    Personally, having a higher sensitivity is an advantage. I can easily do 180s if I have to. I also already built the muscle memory to not overshoot when doing 180s. I suck at taps tho. I dont really move my mouse too much since I dont have a lot of space on my desk too, so having a higher sens can help you if you dont have a lot of room to make adjustments/have a small mousepad Anyways, if there are people who dont have these 2 problems and still play with lower sens, why?

    5 june 2020 19:58 808

    i just prefer lower sens, probably because im too lazy to change it. Any sensitivity is ok but do not increase it significantly in the cs go settings and instead change your mouse dpi. Its not very important but keep an eye out

    5 june 2020 21:17 808

    lower sensitivity is much better as it makes you extremely precise while aiming

    6 june 2020 11:45 808

    lower senstivity means more accuracy and precision

    6 june 2020 13:15 808

    This game is sooo fun. Ive played it a year after it came out until rn. I have high sens because i can move faster. gives me better control

    6 june 2020 14:27 808

    I use a high sens because i have a limited amount of space but a low sens lets you track easier and may get you better aim

    6 june 2020 17:11 808

    lower sensitivity isndefinitely better, its gives you good accuracy and better adjustment

    7 june 2020 09:16 808

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