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    Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade tricks and tips

    Read part one here:https://gamehag.com/forum/t/338202-rise-of-kingdoms-lost-crusade-tips-and-tricks

    Hey, so I am going to give you guys some tips and tricks to do the 
    Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade task (Reach level 17 on your account.)
    We will talk about (In two parts):

    • -----Part 1-----
    • Civilization
    • Alliance
    • Speedups
    • Gems
    • Quest and Daily Objectives
    • -----Part 2-----
    • Power
    • Teleporters
    • Commanders, Stars, and Sculptures
    • Troops
    • Gathering

    There will come some tricks and tips. That will help you do the task easier and faster.

    (Part 2)

    • Power

    Power very important in the game because:

    -You can do quests faster and easier.
    -You can be better protected from attackers.
    -You can join more alliances with high power.
    -You can kill barbarians faster and easier.
    -Rally attacks will be easier to do.

    Power is very important in your alliance, it helps your alliance go in higher rank! 
    How to earn power? You can earn power by:
    Upgrading your buildings, Train troops, Researching technologies, spending talent points, and upgrading your commanders.
    Tip: It is a good idea to always train troops!
    Trick: Allow messages, so you can see when your troops have finished training. So you can start a new Training.

    • Teleporters

    Teleporters are a very useful tool in the game. You can use them to teleport your city around the map. There are 3 teleporters. 

    -(Random teleport) Teleports your city to a random location on the map
    Tip: Save this teleporter. You should use this teleporter if you are feeling threatened by other users who might attack you!
    Item Random Teleport

    -(Territorial Teleport)Teleports your city to a designated location in alliance territory on the map. 
    Trick: This teleporter should be used when you are in an alliance That you like!
    Item Territorial Teleport

    -(Targeted Teleport)Teleports your city to a designated location on the map.
    Tip: This is the best teleporter in the game you can teleport where ever you want!
    It's a very good idea to save this, you know when you need it!
    Item Targeted Teleport

    • Commanders, Stars, and Sculptures

    Commanders are The thing in Rise of kingdoms that make the game! 
    If there were no commanders would there be no game! So what are these commanders?
    Commanders are Fighters that can be used to attack your enemy, gather resources, and can be used to rally and many more things!
    There are many types of commanders.
    -Legendary commander
    -Epic commander
    -Elite commander
    -Advanced commander
    If you want to see all the commanders in their tier then click on the link: https://rok.guide/tier-list/

    Stars can be used to upgrade your commander there are different types of stars
    -The one with one star gives you 20% of one star. 
    -The one with Two stars gives you 80% of one star.
    -The one with the tree stars Gives you 130% of one star.
    You can Use 5 stars or 10 levels so you have to get in level 10 to get star 2.

    Sculptures there are 1710 sculptures in the game!
    Sculptures can be used to summon a Commander, but also to upgrade your commander stars.
    Tip: Do not use your sculptures to upgrade a star on your commander (really bad idea)
     Upgrading to a 6 Star Commander - Rise of Kingdoms Tips and ...

    • Troops

    Troops are important. With your troops, you can Gather resources, kill barbarians, destroy the barbarians forts, build flags in your alliance, and attack other players. How to train troops? When you come into the game you have to build the 4 stations. The barracks, the siege workshop, the archery range, and the stable. Then you push train troops and there you go you now have troops.
    Tip: It is a good idea to always train troops!
    Trick: Allow messages, so you can see when your troops have finished training. So you can start a new Training.

    Rise of Kingdoms: Upgrade Troops or Train New Ones after Unlocking ...

    • Gathering

    Gathering is so important! So what are Gathering? Gathering is where you can send your troops out after resources that you can use to upgrade a building, troops, power, Research, and many other things.

    Tip: Always send your troops out for gathering approximately every hour!
    Trick: Allow messages so you can see when your troops return to your city.


    5 june 2020 14:58 1625

    Hey that's useful bro! Thanks for the information, man!

    5 june 2020 16:43 1625

    nice dude nice

    5 june 2020 20:01 1625

    I hate this game

    16 june 2020 16:05 1625

    Rezolv the minigames

    16 june 2020 16:08 1625

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