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    Roblox Meep City

    Meep City is a game created by Alex Newton on February 2016. Its environment is like a cartoon town. It is called Meep City because it is a city with pets known as meep. This little creature follows the player wherever he goes. It can also be customized like the player's avatar.

    Meep City is a bridge to a new world of fun and excitement. Creating new friends in the virtual world and engaging with them in various activities is thrilling. Being able to communicate, build something up, and enjoy with each other while playing, gives off the feeling of really being there.


    Meep City is a game where anyone can do anything they want. A player can buy toys, eat, sleep, adopt a pet, attend school, build a house or even have a nursery and then making tons of friends at the same time. He may choose to play as a child or a teen. He can switch his form by means of a tube platform anytime. Portraying the role of a parent or a child is possible in this game. The player can also adopt and raise his very own pet.

    Meep city is a fascinating game in Roblox. It made me indulge and get addicted to it. As the player enters the game, he will be at the start point, the plaza town. The player will be given an estate and have the option to decorate the place according to his desire. He needs to earn coins to buy necessities, like furniture for the house. The furniture can be bought in the furniture and home improvement shop in the playground. Coins are given periodically while playing. He can also earn coins by selling a bucket of fish at the pet shop. Fishes can be acquired by fishing at the pond. Fishing can be done by casting down the arrow and targeting the dark spots in the pond. In the player's estate, he can also plant flowers. The flowers are available in varieties, so he has a lot of options to choose from.


    Here in Meep City, the player can play it as a solo or play it with friends. He can give gifts to other players and even exchange something for robux. He may also chat publicly or even chat privately with a friend through the whisper button from the game menu. The menu also has the option to edit the avatar. He can do emoticon expressions or even teleport to other players from one place to another.


    Meep City has mini-games, such as Meep City Racing and Game Star Ball. Meep City Racing is likely similar to Mario Kart. Finishing first place in this mini-game rewards you with 150 coins, for second place, it is 100 and for a third placer it is 50 coins. On the other hand, It is necessary for the player to own a pet before entering Star Ball. The goal of the game is to roll the ball to the finish line while collecting the stars. The player can have a pet by going to the pet shop and adopt one. Adopting a meep costs 500 coins. 

    This game is really fun and addicting. It is like an endless game of playing house with a whole new world of friends.

    5 june 2020 13:56 1625

    i hear that meep city got hacked

    10 june 2020 17:29 1625


    10 june 2020 23:55 1625

    game is boring imo

    11 june 2020 03:29 1625

    does anyone else make their roblox avatar beautiful

    11 june 2020 07:19 1625

    Ayo This is the place where most kids come for online dating

    11 june 2020 13:07 1625

    ehh i dont like it but i used to tho

    11 june 2020 14:43 1625


    11 june 2020 15:00 1625

    i dint play meep city

    11 june 2020 15:06 1625

    best gamre ever

    11 june 2020 15:22 1625

    thanks for the informations :>

    13 june 2020 03:00 1625

    i dont play that game cuz im not a roleplayer guy

    13 june 2020 05:16 1625

    it's a cool game,but sadly the game was hacked... but i don't know are meepcity normal again now?

    13 june 2020 08:40 1625

    this game used to be fun for me

    13 june 2020 15:13 1625

    helo very cool

    13 june 2020 17:48 1625

    i dont really like this game

    13 june 2020 18:07 1625

    but its good

    13 june 2020 18:07 1625

    i don't think i will play this game

    13 june 2020 18:08 1625

    ehh idk i think its pretty ok

    14 june 2020 20:37 1625

    baby game lol

    14 june 2020 20:42 1625

    i love meep city

    14 june 2020 20:51 1625

    mihail zubenko pitrowic

    24 july 2020 15:44 1625

    pretty good

    24 july 2020 21:37 1625

    Not a really big fan of it

    25 july 2020 03:09 1625

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