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    I use gamehag on pc so ı don't have many options to earn sg. Also, surveys not working generally. Additionally, can you make easier to earn sg from minigames (I can't receive any sg although reachng the wanted score )

    3 june 2020 16:46 8369

    Same I never really download games, because I could get in trouble or it could give me a virus, so it's easier for me to just do desktop games. Obviously there are a few exceptions of games that I downloaded.

    3 june 2020 18:59 8369

    use bluestacks for android games on pc

    4 june 2020 01:44 8369

    Yea bluestacks is good for using mobile games on PC

    4 june 2020 02:51 8369

    i agree, i only use gamehag on PC too

    4 june 2020 04:11 8369

    Mission availability and SG Reward are dependent on region. What is your region?

    4 june 2020 18:02 8369

    My region is Turkey

    4 june 2020 21:34 8369

    Alright noted. Please suggest more games here:
    Suggest games you want to see added as tasks here!

    Your suggestion has been noted and sent to the Gamehag Team for approval. Locking thread. 🔒

    15 june 2020 17:40 8369

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