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    Does gamehag take away xp for being inactive?

    I lost xp and i think it might be cuz of that, can anyone confirm?

    2 june 2020 12:42 1628

    Did gamehag ever make a statement or a rule about it?

    2 june 2020 19:24 1628

    well, since a lot is trying to spread fake information about it, as they dont know better.. .. i'll try clearify it once agian.

    you dont lose xp for being inactive. you'll lose xp if a comment you've made is deleted, and thats 10xp a comment.

    reasons can be spam, forum violations, or you've happend to post on a topic which was deleted for reason 1 or 2.

    2 june 2020 23:57 1628

    yea can you please tell us about the dusgraceful behavior? i have the same problem with him

    3 june 2020 08:26 1628

    Disgraceful behaviour on gamehag is described like:
    "On the forum you cannot publish the content that:
    - violates the law,
    - propagates fascism or any other totalitarian system
    - incites to hatred (on national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds),
    - shows pornography,
    - is insulting or offensive,
    - advertise other portals or entities (without the approval of the administrator of the site)."

    3 june 2020 08:42 1628

    well i guess that kinda answers it then

    4 june 2020 01:55 1628

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