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    Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    • In this article I will be discussing my opinions on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and what you can do in it.


    Minecraft is a great game that I love to play in my spare time (especially now we are in quarantine) and I have many great worlds across all my devices. I prefer to play in survival mode and try and defeat the Ender Dragon and the Wither but there is also creative mode where you can build things or test out red stone contraptions. There is also hardcore mode, which is survival mode but only you only get 1 life and cannot re spawn when you die. 


    There are servers that you can join and play mini games with other people. Some of my favourite mini games include bed wars, sky wars and capture the flag. I also enjoy the sky block and prison servers. Personally my favourite server is Minecraft Central because it has all my favourite mini games and has a great sky block.



    In Minecraft Bedrock Edition there are currently five tiers of tools: wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond. There are netherite tools coming soon which are the best tools yet. The tools you can make are: sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel and hoe.



    Minecraft can be a very peaceful game that you can farm and play with friends but there at night mobs come out and you need to protect yourself from them. The monsters currently in the game are: zombie, skeleton, creeper, ender man, spider, drowned, husk, witch, silverfish, stray, vindicator, slime, magma cube and many more.


    Why I prefer Bedrock Edition

    In my opinion I think Minecraft Bedrock Edition is way better than Minecraft Java Edition for many reasons, Firstly, I like the way it is easy to join friends that are on other platforms, for example, if I was playing on my Xbox and my friend was playing on his phone we can both join each other even though we are on different platforms.

    Secondly, I like the way that you can play on the go without wifi, it is very useful if you are travelling especially if you have to go on a plane or boat because you can play all your worlds on your phone but if you play on Java Edition you can only play on PC.

    Thirdly, I like the way you can customise your own character to look like you with clothes and accessories that are already made without having to design your own.

    However, I do not like the way the updates are behind Java Edition because it ruins the surprise of what is going to happen in the update because it has already been released.

    In conclusion Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is a great game that has many great features and is a game I would recommend to all my family and friends (if they didn't already know about and have it).

    Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

    29 april 2020 11:29 1625

    java edition is the best

    14 august 2020 19:37 1625

    I prefer Java edition

    15 august 2020 09:17 1625

    I have played minecraft bedrock edition on phone

    15 august 2020 12:03 1625

    One big downside to Minecraft Bedrock is the restriction servers have on skins. One console, specifically the switch only allows you to join featured servers. Granted you can bypass this by setting up a DNS server on a PC. At that point, you might as well play on Java. That's my 2 cents at least. The article is well written (:

    16 august 2020 17:38 1625

    Looks fantastic. Maybe I will try it in the future. Thanks for your article.

    16 august 2020 19:53 1625

    Very fun the edition

    17 august 2020 02:11 1625

    wait whats weong with bedrock anyway

    17 august 2020 02:56 1625

    wrong* i mean sorry

    17 august 2020 02:56 1625

    nice man! i like this!

    17 august 2020 06:12 1625

    but i dont know what bedrock means lolol

    17 august 2020 06:13 1625

    rare game my super action you fack me loser they pix

    17 august 2020 09:54 1625

    nice surivival game

    17 august 2020 09:59 1625

    Minecraft java is much better and more fun.

    17 august 2020 19:07 1625

    java edition is way better

    17 august 2020 19:21 1625

    this game's fun went i played with my friend

    17 august 2020 19:28 1625

    Game is bad...

    17 august 2020 23:49 1625

    this would be really cool if you have a lot of friends that can join you aside from making it your past time

    18 august 2020 09:58 1625

    thank you for the information 👍😀

    18 august 2020 10:00 1625

    the last time I played this it isn't like this how good this can be now hmmmm

    18 august 2020 10:01 1625

    And i played this before with my ex and we made our dream big house unfortunately things didn't go well, like we have expected huhhuhu

    18 august 2020 10:03 1625

    and now i made my own dream house without him because he was so annoying and mess up and i'm really happy now playing this game.

    18 august 2020 10:05 1625

    interesting read my guy. good effort

    18 august 2020 16:10 1625

    I like Java edition more.

    19 august 2020 12:13 1625

    The game is so bad

    19 august 2020 13:10 1625

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