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    Can't exchange runes for SGs anymore !?

    Currently I have 2 runes and I can't sell any of them ! Same with games, when I get it from giveaway I don't have option to sell it ! WHY ???? Is it same for you !?

    8 december 2017 10:14 1628

    Can't sell gems anymore either. That sucks! I have 3 Berkana runes (more sg from referral reward) and I can't seem to get anyone into Gamehag. Also one mannaz rune (+40% extra sg from daily login), but the sell price was only 5, so I will use this one.

    The reason I didn't sell my Berkana runes yet, was to keep it as a quick booster whenever a reward should go on sale, and I just wouldn't have enough SG yet.

    8 december 2017 11:59 1628

    Yeah, i'm not able to sell those runes too... Seems like they'd give some where around 5-100SG but now its gone I guess...

    8 december 2017 12:30 1628

    I have some runes I wish to sell as well, and I'll keep them around till they change this and we're able to sell them again! Otherwise if I use them they'll go completely to waste

    8 december 2017 14:27 1628

    My problem was i was able to sell my runes but did not receive any sg for them... Then i contacted the gh support and they were able to send me sg i was supposed to receive, i think it was around 16sg or so... I still am able to sell them but still getting 0sg.

    13 august 2020 16:04 1628

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