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    THIEF (2014)

    For those of you who haven't played Thief yet, here's a review that might convince you to take a look at.

    The Thief series began in 1998, with the release of the title Thief: The Dark Project by Looking Glass Technologies, and in 2014 Master Garrett made his last appearance. Ten years after the last release of a title for this series(in 2004), Eidos Interactive has created a reboot for the series, with a new version of Garrett and his native city, as well as a series of new adventures for him and his "sticky hands".


    With a high degree in terms of customization of the interface and game mechanics, in addition to the many ways to complete missions, the new Thief seems to be a great return of the series. But did he manage to arouse the full interest of both those who could and those who enjoyed playing the first games of the series and for those fresh in the series?


    The story of the game thus receives a restart at its origin, introducing a darker version of the game's protagonist, Garrett. The game starts with him exploring his hometown, looking for a job. But after a series of mysterious events, he wakes up a year later that he is brought back to the city, now one full of disease and misery, a disease called Gloom affecting the population, wich is led with an iron fist by the Baron and the guards, who are very aggressive, which inspires terror in the inhabitants.

    Garrett has to find out what happened to his city, all while performing various missions (stealing precious objects) in the hope that he will shed the light back on the city and manage to releave the inhabitants of this deadly disease. The story is quite interesting, Garret shining until now as a hero, full of spirit and intelligent observations, making it a man worthy of modeling by the players, whose style will be created by you, through the actions chosen.


    Thief retains the basic mechanics of the series, jumping in sequences to the third person only at certain times, such as climbing, being able to see what's around you with great ease. Apart from these moments, you are constantly in the thief master's shoes, guiding him through new missions at will. You can steal all kinds of objects, from multiple locations, you can even try to steal from safes, boxes of valuables or the wonder of keeping valuables. Pick-pocket is also present, although you have to pay more attention to what surrounds you.


    You will also have more difficult features to solve in the game, such as opening the lockboxes of some of the most important characters in the game, they have more complicated and sometimes annoying puzzles for the impatient ones, and solving them sometimes involves mistakes until you’ve found the combination needed to open it. In addition to his own hands, Garrett can also use a variety of weapons, the most impressive being his bow, which can be equipped with different types of arrows, from the normal ones to those with a small "trick", so to say, either with fire or water for example.


    However, the system by which it chooses which type of arrow to use is a little strange at first, requiring a period of accommodation with it to use it quickly and efficiently when you need a certain arrow while being engaged in a fight. Of course, Garrett is a thief, not a fighter, but he can handle both situations very effectively. You can take down the enemy in multiple ways, either by tackling a quieter situation, and by surpriseing the victim with a back attack, or by beating him with equal chances of winning, at least that's what he would believe.


    All combat situations can be avoided by choosing a hidden approach, with a lot of patience and quick but quiet steps, gaining the "Ghost" rating at the end of the mission, for the stealth approach. The enemies are quite intelligent and attentive to what surrounds them, depending on their degree of alertness and whether they are alone or with one or more partners. Take care of birds, dogs or other animals that can reveal your hidden presence, momnt when you are forced to improvise on the move.


    Improving your skills is also crucial, with the option of improving tools, or enhancing increased vision, which allows Garrett to look more closely at some of the victim's objects or things. The game has a multitude of options in the game, for both the game mechanics and the game HUD. Thus, you can stop or start different helper panels, or you can even stop them all, even displaying the target, for real hardcore players having the opportunity to play with one life.


    Once you complete the story's single-player campaign, you can get involved in Challenge mode, which gives you an additional experience through the Chain & Gain or Hot and Cold modes, which direct you to the object you are looking for. I can say that the game has as little of what each fan of the series wants, one of me being able to impress with all its mechanics and suspense experienced at times, managing to play as stealthily as possible, avoiding fights as much as possible, but of course, some birds often blowing my cover.

    Thief is a pretty good title, taking advantage of the advancement of the hardware technology it has run, running in maximum detail, which has given us a superb visual experience, demanding a bit dark at times due to the weather and late hours. There are some small moments when you use the zoom to get closer to a character in the game, it looks more like a metal man, at least so I could characterize it, but it is not a huge problem, being noticed by few times. As far as sounds are concerned, the soundtrack of the game is good, sometimes the volume fluctuating and bothering you a little. You have a lot of dialogues, which the characters around you maintain with other characters, such as citizens of the city or guardians, giving you even information about the surroundings.


    That said, Thief is a well-deserved return of the game, providing an experience worthy of it. With a possibility of multiple approaches to missions, the hundreds of optimizations and possible customizations, all combined with the visual effects, especially those at dusk, will surely delight both old fans of the series as well as the new ones. The small problems will go unnoticed, the AI doing great in most cases and providing a remarkable stealth experience.


    17 april 2020 10:47 1625

    that good :))))

    17 april 2020 12:30 1625

    thief looong! (🎱

    17 april 2020 12:40 1625

    We reallly need a new Thief game. I remember this one. It was a game that had support for Mantle, an API from AMD and it gave the game a quite significant performance boost. Play this one! It's a fun game.

    17 april 2020 13:02 1625

    Definitely one of the best in its time

    17 april 2020 15:42 1625

    amazing you did a good job

    17 april 2020 15:44 1625

    I How is do u want u I love u love me u miss me so much so I love u you so love me I love miss

    17 april 2020 16:30 1625

    Oh whoops! I did that for xp so I can get to lvl 3. Sorry!

    17 april 2020 16:31 1625

    very good game

    17 april 2020 16:33 1625

    I'm How that you want me to be to be you with in your a state little sense to yourself you will are the right people to in the your life family life you that are deserve you it will not even be a poss

    17 april 2020 16:34 1625

    wow good job mate

    17 april 2020 16:37 1625

    Good job man

    17 april 2020 16:38 1625

    That is nice

    17 april 2020 17:21 1625

    Nice game thaks for article!!!

    17 april 2020 17:37 1625

    Good grapichs I will try!!!

    17 april 2020 17:41 1625

    ohhh okay its write for level 3

    17 april 2020 17:44 1625

    it's look like good

    14 june 2020 00:57 1625

    thief 2014

    14 june 2020 10:57 1625

    good job really

    14 june 2020 10:58 1625

    thats really cool! I love it

    19 june 2020 08:20 1625

    it looks good, i mean from the pics. The article is too long tho but good job😁

    19 june 2020 15:58 1625


    19 june 2020 15:59 1625

    so good aaaaaa

    19 june 2020 15:59 1625

    lol sorry i did that to level up

    19 june 2020 16:00 1625

    one site a lot of game which one???

    4 november 2021 21:44 1625

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