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    People who hate simulators could make a reason here

    I hate all simulators:including Ninja Legends, Bubble Gun Simulator and almost anything, i wont make a reason and if u hate simulators just give a reason

    6 april 2020 12:18 2173

    the simulators are so bad. They are so weird like bubblegum simulator. why do we need to blow bubble gum for money tf.

    6 april 2020 17:44 2173

    They're repetitive, you just do the same thing again and again, they're fun for a while but get boring soon enough. Only a few simulators can truly be fun.

    6 april 2020 19:51 2173

    Simulators is good but not all

    6 april 2020 19:54 2173

    I hate all simulators:including Ninja Legends, Bubble

    6 april 2020 20:04 2173

    All the simulators are now copy of Ninja legends except bubble gum sim

    6 april 2020 20:12 2173

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