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    Task: build steel manufactory

    What type of image should I show so that the task gets accepted? Like, should I hover my mouse over it? I clicked on the manufactory and sent a screenshot, but it got denied.

    5 april 2020 20:28 2174

    I took a screenshot with the steel manufactory clicked and all of my screen. I made sure that my user name was showing. Mine hasn't been accepted or denied yet. I did it yesterday.

    5 april 2020 21:28 2174

    Okay, thanks

    5 april 2020 21:51 2174

    Mine got denied. It was rejected because it didn't register as a new account. I took another screenshot that included the email and the steel factory and the date and time. Maybe that will do it.

    6 april 2020 00:05 2174

    The same thing happened to me, said I need to register an account when I had clearly shown my name and my steel factory.

    6 april 2020 00:26 2174

    I love that game, it entertains a lot ı love gamehag

    6 april 2020 13:00 2174

    I love that game, it entertains a lot

    6 april 2020 13:01 2174

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