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    What is this game?

    Describe what this game iss

    30 march 2020 12:31 1430

    I dont kbow?

    6 april 2020 09:02 1430

    what is it?

    22 june 2020 18:24 1430

    yea same im confused as well bro my friends play it

    22 june 2020 18:25 1430

    yeah agreed pretty good and bad some

    22 june 2020 18:36 1430

    I'm bored, so I tell you something more about this game :D

    Game start when you come to Moorland for holidays. You're a girl (no boys characters, but there are short hair, neutral names, clothes, that can you us, so you can ,,create,, boy character) and you are here to learn how to ride horse. If you buy Star Rider (you can ride on all map and you go Star Coins - money). If not, you end 5/6 level. If you are have Star Rider then you can do quest - you meet Soul Rides (girls with magic powers), meet Elizabeth (druid), meet other druids and Fripp - guardian (I think), you find that you are Soul Rider too (you have all powers what have other Soul Rider - Linda, Lisa, Alex, Annie). You start learn how to use them, you helping people around Jorvik. When you are strong enough you start Story quest ( you have story quest from lvl 1, but this are better :D). You save Justin Moorland, find Concorde (Annie's soul horse), make key, visit Pandoria, try to rescue Annie (she is in Pandoria), find another way how to rescue her, Elizabeth die, Light Ride - you find that you are same like Catharine (Justine's mom - she is dead), you try find her memories - you find new thing. And now is here Soul Riding - helping around Jorvik, getting reputation (if you have 120 000 you get free horse, it's boring, I have 65 000 and I'm lazy to do it). You can buy clothes, hair, make-up, horses (for Star Coins, other is for Jorvik Shillings). Star Coins - you must buy them/code/if you are Star Rider you get 100 every Saturday. Every Wednesday is update. If you have not quest, you just train your horses, hang out with friends/riding club or doing archelogy/finding stars/Token's (traveling dragon plushie), or now is new Workshop - you must find flowers around map and craft items - boring (or I'm really lazy person, who know :D).

    I think this is just something about game and I'M SO SORRY IF I SPOILER SOMETHING IF YOU WANNA PLAY IT :c

    17 july 2020 22:28 1430

    And that picture is old, game have new graphic! (lot of places, they remaking that which are having old grafic) :3

    17 july 2020 22:31 1430

    my sister plays this..

    20 july 2020 12:38 1430

    This is one of the best and one of the worst

    18 august 2020 12:47 1430

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