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    My experience on Gamehag discord Support channel...

    Just some FYI, i posted this as a reply but i think it deserves its own thread.
    Read and learn ;)

    1 october 2017 04:49 1628

    Gamehag is not a scam, however it has it's flaws

    Also don't forget, many things are not automated and there are real people behind all this
    People that are busy in RL, and people that are getting flooded daily by users with their complaints, questions and requests

    I have been active on Gamehag's and Marvelousga's discord support channel to help people, this is what i experienced there

    I notice there are a lot of people seeking help, but about 97% of those NEVER bothered to read any rules, terms of FAQ's and ask things they can find out easy themselves
    Many people complaining about something turn out to have been cheating, or trying to and then complain stuff that doesn't work
    75% off ALL support questions come in the form of "Help it doesn't work" and think you're a psychic that instantly know what you mean
    Most people think they deserve support INSTANTLY and get angry or rude when they don't get it
    Many people get angry at ME, while i clearly state i am a USER just like them and i VOLUNTEER spending time on support trying to help THEM
    Lot's of people cry over contracts, but if they read the FAQ it CLEARLY states that GamehagCAN NOT support those
    99% of the time i give the EXACT SAME answers to questions, answers that i researched MYSELF and that answer get most things solved
    Then there is a big portion of people who basically can not read or write any semi-decent english and blame support THEY do things wrong
    MOST of the people complaining they do not get their CS:GO skins etc complain they wait for weeks, but do not have their Steam trade URL linked in their profile
    TONS of people complain about month old CODES being expired, codes supplied by USERS

    Above is just a small example on with what they have to deal with
    So yes, i am not stating Gamehag is perfect, but i can imagine there is a HUGE backlog on messages, requests and complaints on Misty's chatlog and the support email

    Just FYI ;)

    1 october 2017 04:50 1628

    Here's another useful thread that will help you:

    1 october 2017 04:55 1628


    1 october 2017 05:12 1628

    Thanks both +1

    1 october 2017 05:27 1628

    +1 Good Thread

    1 october 2017 05:49 1628

    yep, I can imagine what kind of requests support have to handle every day. but hey, they knew what they asking for :) I mean, they created a site for kids to farm free games ot steam walet codes. they knew their audience and its flaws. making money on free games and selling chests with useless runes is what this karma is about, LOL

    1 october 2017 05:57 1628

    @oxana_kovalenko while that might be true, do not forget it is USERS who are complaining, Gamehag doesn't really care either way because in the end they will get their income
    All this results in is BAD EXPERIENCE for USERS
    Those willing to help can bookmark useful pages and threads such as this and point people to them

    If the quality of userbase increases, so will your individual experience

    1 october 2017 06:01 1628

    @oxana_kovalenko the FORUM is a whole different cookie
    I'm talking about reducing the flood of pointless messages to support so valid support requests and stuff like judging submitted content might be responded to quicker ;)

    I know it's a drop on a hot plate, but if nobody tries, nothing will change anyway

    1 october 2017 06:29 1628

    why you're doing this? you waste your time for something that won't change things and won't prevent support from delaying or refusing cash outs because it's written in their rules. they are gods and have full rights to reduce any user's balance to zero without explanation. there's no way to improve anything because when user have an issue - real issue - they have no rights and no means to defend themselves and their earnings at risk. you're trying to help people who is lazy or dumb to perform easy task - to RTFM while you're not changing main issue for all users as I mentioned above

    1 october 2017 06:37 1628


    1 october 2017 10:27 1628

    not everyone here is a fanboy of gamehag and people can get greatly annoyed by community and by fanboys like you. there is difference, maybe you just can't feel it because you're so in love with similar sites. self respect, have you heard about it? some people won't tolerate garbage community and absent support and just will go away after their first cash out. people like you who says people will use this site no matter what is the main reason why it happens.

    1 october 2017 18:16 1628

    HERE: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/20125-i-ordered-the-5-euro-steam-code-30-days-ago-and-not-arrived
    proof that Toxana ain't nothing but a lying whining troll

    1 october 2017 18:47 1628

    nice try. that person is not on my friends's list. or you're too dumb or mentally challenged to see it?
    get a help, you're seriosly off. putting all that long nonsense and stalking me in all threads would get you troubles :)

    1 october 2017 22:04 1628

    @Toxana, of course that person is not in your friendslist, you barely have firends (Misty is just suport you know) and this is the only thread posted about your story in the past few days.

    Feel free to prove me wrong by posting a link.
    You are just a troll and not even a good one.

    Please try harder with your next comment and give me something to work with

    2 october 2017 05:14 1628

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    9 may 2018 22:03 1628

    i laughed so hard at the end. There's a deep discussion above about toxic people and then the last comment is one of those people. Oh the irony

    16 may 2018 04:16 1628

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