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    Hello friends, today we'll be looking on the topic "how to rank-up in CS:GO" . 

    We'll be covering 5 most important tips and tricks to rank-up in CS:GO 

    Hello everyone, I've been playing CS:GO for 5+ years now and today I'm gonna tell you top 5 tricks to rank-up in CS:GO

    guyz first things first- there's no shortcut in professional gaming, and even if you don't want to be profession getting good still takes some unavoidable efforts. Let now get into this real quick and learn how to rank-up

    1- Stop TOXICITY. guyz how many times has it happened that you had a bad game because of toxicity or you had toxicity because of a bad game. Guyz just tell me will flaming of some idiot help? will flaming on someone not stupid help? will flaming on yourself for a silly mistake help?(if you ask me i'd help). The simple answer is no so lets stop being toxic lets take it a bit easy.

    2-TEAMWORK. Have you heard the famous CS:GO line teamwork makes the dream work? Guyz what I mean here is simply this"whatever a teammate may say or do and no matter how he performs, you should always stick to his side, I don't mean you should block him by view models I simply mean try to accept him and his decision even if its a bad one simply move on, maybe they have something in mind that you don't? even if its not something very good the least you can do is support them and maybe their plans and tactics. 

    3-EMOTIONS. Do I really need to say anything about this one? ok lets not confuse anyone anymore guyz emotions are important in game, you must feel sad loosing a game and you must feel happy winning one, doesn't have to be competitive or LAN or professional match but a simply casual match. This however shouldn't be tilting you from winning or loosing fire fights than rounds and eventually matches. What I mean here is be emotional, but not until you get to your level best, once you try your best for whatever level you can, than only you deserve to be drowned in emotions.

    4-GAMEPLAY. I really don't think pretty much any of the players trying to get better really get the game-play 100%, sure they know and understand what to do but don't know what not to  do. Friends please learn some basic stuff like trade fragging, having a AWP in your hand and still entry fragging(not that the rifler is only/always the entry fragger) Trying to use grenades and smokes,flashes in the places where you choke/have disadvantage, main example being jungle/stairs/ct  AWPer in Mirage. Going eco, if you cannot defeat them with rifles, you possibly cannot defeat them with pistols/smgs either. Sure there are lucky rounds and ultimate pro players clutching in 1v5 deagle ace or scout aces but remember friends that's once in a lifetime not even once in a match situation so better not try, just save some bills  and you'll be fine(where you are supposed to be)

    5-IMPROVING. Okay, so finally we are on the last part of the guide/article/tips and ironically this one is the most important one, reason being one cannot rank-up without improving unless your one of flusha's/forsakens/fallen's friends :D . In simple words, observation is as important as practice and without practice and observation combined you cannot possibly think of improving yourself. Watch demos, not mechanical part but tactical part and strategical part, for ex what triggers your enemy to rotate, how does enemies play lurk, how do they react after getting entry frag, how do you/your teammates react after getting picked early. What positions they might be playing and also what Rifles and Pistols do they buy and when do they save. Also do not forget to check and observe your overall performance at the end of this, deeply focus on which area of the game do you need to work? Is that attacking? Is that defending? Is that retake situation ? Is that after-plant situation and eventually you'll get results.

    I really really hope I was able to help and also let me know in the comments if I missed something that you think should be mentioned in the list  and even if its not top 5 i'll later add it in renewed top 10 list(for which I'm working right now and would possibly take a bit longer)

    Thanks! #GLHF

    21 january 2020 11:52 1625

    good article keep up the good work!

    8 february 2020 19:42 1625

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