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    CSGO tips and tricks how to get better

    Hi, i play CSGO alot and i didnt knew how to get better at the game because its a pretty hard game.
    But with the help of a few friends, i am good in CSGO now.
    I thought i could help you guys too with CSGO so here's some tips

    If you think you lose because of your aim then i got a few tips for you.

    1. Put your sensitivity lower, i had a pretty high sensitivity in CSGO so if i tried to snipe an enemy i missed.

    Right now my sensitivity is pretty low but i like it that way because my aim is now very good.

    1. If its not your sensitivity thats bothering you but you just have bad aim?

    Then i got the perfect practise game for you on roblox.

    First download roblox

    Then search for Arsenal.

    Then try to play the game and dont give up within 15 minutes because you need to understand the game first (but its pretty easy and looks like CSGO)

    It helps because your enemy's aren't as good in CSGO and you shoot easier with the guns.

    If you're good in that game you are also good in CSGO.

    1. practise in CSGO?

    If you are good in Arsenal but CSGO is still hard?

    practise with the gamemode armsrace.

    You instanly respawn and you got to play with almost all weapons of the game to win.

    If you want to get good with snipers then practise in th gamemode flying scoutsman.

    its a gamemode with low gravity and snipers only.

    Its also a pretty funny gamemode if you are bored.

    1. wanna control all guns in CSGO?

    I got one thing to say to you; try to control the AK47.

    Its the harders gun to control in the game.

    1. If you use a SMG or a rifle and you see someone.

    If you shoot him click per shot because if you hold left mousebutton you will not hit a single shot.

    Just click so then you will be to be able to kill him.

    1. Use alot of flashbangs.

    Everytime you walk in a bomlocation or close to the spawn from the enemy and you walk into a room, use a flashbang and look away for a second.

    if the enemy was in the room and looked right in the flashbang he cant see for a few seconds and then you can easily kill him.

    Or a decoy so if you trow one the other derection the enemy's will think that you are there.

    A smoke is very good for planting/defusing the bom or if there is an opening to the enemy's.

    1. If you want to level up quick, play a lot of competitive.

    You can easily grind XP and level up.

    Watch out because if you dont have alot of time to play, remember that if both teams are very good a match can take 1.5 hours.

    So dont start a match if you dont have alot of time because if you leave you can get a ban.

    1. If you have less then an hour and you play with a friend you can play wingman.

    You play in a smaller map and you only got teams of 2.

    it takes less longer then competitive but there is less XP to grind.

    I hope you learnd something of these tips and became better at the game

    Bye guys

    20 january 2020 18:46 1625

    creating a training routine is the best way to im prove your csgo skills like aim, movement or peeking

    9 september 2020 18:32 1625

    This is a great form I like it its very helpful to me☺

    9 september 2020 19:21 1625

    thank you!

    15 september 2020 23:30 1625

    gamehag is actually the best for getting free skins

    16 september 2020 00:22 1625

    but why my i will become a frog after 12 hours

    16 september 2020 00:22 1625

    thank you

    16 september 2020 01:18 1625

    but yea

    16 september 2020 01:18 1625

    with outit

    16 september 2020 01:18 1625

    i wouldent be better

    16 september 2020 01:19 1625

    wow it so nice trick

    16 september 2020 01:37 1625

    this article is nice to read you have idea how you can create space in enemy to win the battle that is amazing article for me

    16 september 2020 01:38 1625

    the YPRAC maps have been super hepful for me too!
    Just go to where you'd que, then at the top click 'official matchmaking' and click workshop maps :)

    16 september 2020 05:17 1625

    the difference lowering your sensitivity does is incredible

    17 september 2020 10:05 1625

    yep i know right. i lowered my sensetivity and instantly got better at aiming

    17 september 2020 11:03 1625

    good tips, thanks for them

    17 september 2020 15:36 1625

    the difference lowering your sensitivity does is incredible

    7 november 2020 09:45 1625

    Good tips, thank you

    7 november 2020 10:42 1625

    I can't understand that what can I get off at the moment but I carried on

    7 november 2020 21:04 1625

    yeah idk i think that s the better way

    7 november 2020 21:50 1625

    I don't play but these seem good

    8 november 2020 11:41 1625

    Why would someone play Roblox to become better in CSGO lol

    8 november 2020 14:50 1625

    thanks for the tips very nice

    20 november 2020 12:02 1625

    cool and cool

    20 november 2020 13:48 1625

    Thanks mate

    20 november 2020 15:06 1625

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