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    ROBLOX Tips And Tricks

    Hi, I am writing this to teach early ROBLOX players.



      First, is how to buy things,in order to buy game passes or power ups and things for your avatar, you would need robux. Robux can be bought on the website or maybe at your nearby store (as gift cards). Second, I would advise for you to not use mobile. Why?, because from what I have played on mobile it might kick you from some games or lag. Don't get me wrong lag can happen on non mobile devices also. Third, is a tip to make a good game, to make a good game  you need to spend your time if you rush it it might not be to great (not to be rude) . Forth, DO NOT ONLINE DATE. You can get banned from this so please don't. Fifth, please don't scam or bully. I have felt this and noticed it happens a lot, so please don't kids can go in tears from this. Sixth, Don't false report because it might in up you getting BANNED! Seventh, if anybody asks you for any personal info PLEASE DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM! Eighth, like the last tip, DO NOT ASK PEOPLE FOR THEIR PERSONAL INFO OR YOU CAN GET BANNED if they report you so don't risk it please! Ninth, don't fall or make any robux scams because I have and I got hacked! Tenth, Don't try to say filtered things people can report you and if it's to bad if can lead to a few weeks or days of ban. Eleventh, if anybody says ROBLOX is shutting down its fake don't listen because its a way to get free robux and things. Twelfth, there are a lot of spammed clothing and copied clothing please don't buy these or make them it gets annoying having to scroll down to find the real one. Thirteenth, I advise you to verify your email not only to you get a hat but you also can get your account back your account if it's gotten hacked. Fourteenth, please read the terms of service because on there it says they can ban you for any reason so that means if they don't like you they can delete or ban your account.  I also have some parkour/obby tips. Playing the game is the best way to practice! If you're having any trouble performing a specific trick, go to the Tutorial by pressing the Tutorial button, which looks like a question mark (?) in a circle. I also have some tycoon tips. Don't go towards expensive items first. Start cheap, and increase from there once your reputation works up. Start with droppers because they give you money (don't get the gears until your pretty rich).
     That's all for now. You don't have to follow what i said but trust me you will need this info later on while playing ROBLOX. Do you agree or disagree with what i said? Did you like what i said? I hope you learned something and enjoyed reading it! Have a awesome day, bye!

    20 january 2020 18:33 1625

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