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    Games that I recommend you to play

    In this article I am going to tell you which games I recommend you to play or at least give them a try.

    Tom Clancy ’s Rainbow Six Siege


                  Rainbow Six Siege is a first person shooter, 5vs5 team and objective based game where you have no respawns, only at the end of the round. The objectives can be bomb, secure area and hostage. It is character based too, which in the game are called operators.
    Every operator has different and different weapons, gadgets and abilities.
    This game is around terrorism and counter-terrorism. Sound and communication is very important in this game so I recommend to use a headset.
    The game is based around wall destruction so you can blow up almost every wall floor and celling. So don’t camp in a corner because that corner might not exist in a few seconds.
    It is the best game to collect your friends and play together and have fun. Even you can play alone and let the matchmaking find teammates for you.
    Anti-cheat system is really good. I am playing this game for half a year now and only had 1 cheater experience.
    There are alpha packs in the game. What are alpha packs, you might ask. Let me explain. If you win a game you get a wheel which you spin and it has a chance of giving you an alpha pack. After every match you play you get more and more chance to spin out the alpha pack. Well just open them and you can unlock nicer and nicer cosmetics. Like weapon skins, headgears, uniforms and even charms.
    There is so much stuff in this game, seasonal events, balance updates, new operators, new maps, rewards to farm, daily and weekly challenges and you can even share your idea so there is a chance that your idea gets into the game.
    I had problems that I bought a game and got bored playing it 1 month later. But this game, I can never get bored of it.
    If you like cs:go you definitely going to love this game it is only 20€ on steam and if it is on sale it can go down to 8-10€. What are you waiting for? Get the game and jump into it.


                Overwatch is a 6v6 first person shooter, team based game where the teamwork very important. The best chance to kill the entire team is to combo with your teammates. You need to attack or to defend.
    The objectives can be securing a point, pushing the payload to the destination or king of the hill and more. In the game there are 31 characters right now and it is keep growing.
    Every character is different and different for example you can play as a ninja, sniper, bowman, a gorilla that can talk even a gamer girl who pilots a mech. You have 3 types of abilities. Your passive ability, your secondary ability and your ultimate ability.

    • The secondary ability: You need to activate it and will have a small amount of cooldown
    • Your passive ability: Always automatically active you do not have to do anything with that.
    • Ultimate ability: It has a % meter, you need to charge it before you can use it, but the ultimates are the most powerful abilities in the game. If you use it at the right time you even can kill the whole enemy team with it and turn a losing fight into a win. It charges 1% every 2 second. If you kill somebody it charges faster, the more you kill the faster your ultimate gets charged.

    There are tons of game modes to try. Even you can create your own game mode with overwatch workshop. It is really fun and recommend you to try it.

    Star War: Battlefront 2 (2017)

                  Star War: Battlefront 2 has a great story mode; it has multiplayer too. The multiplayer takes place in well-known places from Star Wars canon. The objectives represent the Star Wars movie happenings. You can play dark side and light side characters too. It has every character vehicle from the canon. There are 3 different types of game modes.

    • Star fighter assault
    • Galactic assault
    • Heroes vs Villains

                 In Galactic assault you start as a trooper and if you earn enough points you can go with even Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. In Star fighter assault you can play with star fighters and battle to destroy the Death Star and participate in other iconic star fighter missions. In Heroes vs Villains you just pick your favorite hero or villain and start battling. So you can play iconic duels like Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker, Count Dooku vs Anakin and so on. If you are a fan of Star Wars you need to try this game. There rewards to collect, story mode, graphics are amazing, references and battles from the movie series. There is nothing to wait for. Try it now!

    So that’s it for this article, hope you enjoyed and at least you try one of the games from this list.

    See you guys later!

    25 november 2019 13:46 1625

    I like juice and unicorns

    30 december 2019 08:35 1625

    people that comment here Not so much.

    30 december 2019 08:39 1625

    pubg and fortnite

    30 december 2019 08:39 1625

    love the site Bro

    30 december 2019 08:40 1625

    Play csgo

    30 december 2019 10:04 1625

    very cool man continue

    30 december 2019 10:43 1625

    Portal 2 is pretty great, and its also relarively cheap

    30 december 2019 11:39 1625

    Fortnite is a good game in my opinion! And it's even better bc u can now get 2 free skins in the winter update! So claim ur free items before 6th of January!

    30 december 2019 12:13 1625

    even i like roblox tho

    30 december 2019 14:20 1625

    I really like roblox too

    30 december 2019 14:20 1625

    Спасибо! Обязательно поиграю!

    1 january 2020 11:19 1625

    thank you that s cool

    1 january 2020 13:41 1625

    thank you for that

    1 january 2020 15:13 1625

    I think pokemon go is very popular and fun. I also like roblox and minecraft.

    1 january 2020 15:31 1625

    a really nice game thread !

    1 january 2020 16:45 1625

    BATTLEFRONT oynamayanda ne biliyim yani

    1 january 2020 17:13 1625

    somone play smash?

    1 january 2020 17:25 1625

    i play overwatch

    1 january 2020 18:47 1625

    nice to looks

    1 january 2020 21:04 1625

    Thank you for that

    2 january 2020 17:09 1625

    very nice game😀

    2 january 2020 21:36 1625

    i kinda like star wars but overwatch and rainbow is such bad games

    2 january 2020 22:34 1625


    2 january 2020 22:36 1625

    very nice article and well explained. i own all of these games and i really recommend them

    2 january 2020 22:55 1625

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