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    Did anyone already got rewards by exchanging SG? I never care about this until now... What if this doesn't work at all? I need proof that you can actually get your rewards.

    14 august 2017 18:45 1628

    No,you will get scammed by a cihnese hacker and you will lose al your moneys

    14 august 2017 20:47 1628

    yep trust 1000% test it my self,i exchange my SG with a skin work 100%

    14 august 2017 22:11 1628

    well, it's good to read that. I was afraid of that

    15 august 2017 00:27 1628

    I have ordered a steam wallet 2 days ago, but my rewards is still pending until now 🕺

    15 august 2017 05:24 1628

    hope you get it soon

    15 august 2017 18:23 1628

    Thanks for that, man. I already used all these codes lol

    19 august 2017 16:58 1628

    I haven't exchanged anything recently due to the reward prices being really high at the moment, but in the past I have received everything eventually (game keys, gift cards, virtual visa). Sometimes they are very slow at dispatching the rewards, but according to their TOS they have 31 days to send them. Hope that helps.

    14 february 2022 02:05 1628

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