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    Crossout coins guide

    This method will teach you how to make more coins!!
    Coins are an in-game currency, which you use them to by selling weapons and parts that is Uncommon or above. There are many rank types such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Relic. You can't sell starter weapons or vehicles parts which are common. Well, today I'm teaching you how to earn fast coins.


    TIPS easy to hard:

    1. Earning coins by collecting fuel, you can earn coins by selling them when is +100.fuels. (Easy, Cheap, Faster)
         Fuel barrel;{ Uncommon }                                              Fuel tank;{ Rare }
               oa9RuWUBgKhQLhtx36wYZfrNzkLD2I.png                                                              eGz05N2hBOrm4Uwu8UMRlUyqejBHaI.png
           Each PVP battle gives                                               Each PVP battle gives
                     [5] fuel                                                                         [10] fuel
              Price: very cheap                                                           Price: normal

    You can combine the fuel by putting fuel barrel and fuel tank no effect if putting more than one fuel barrel and fuel tank.
    The effect:

    The fuel barrel in each PVP battle is [5] fuel and the fuel tank in each PVP battle is [10] fuel, if you play the total of 7 matches in PVP battle your amount of getting fuel is [105] fuel. When you reach +100 of fuel you can sell it to the market for coins.

    2. Earning coins by buying a cheaper item and sell it on an expensive item in the market. (normal, faster)

    WARNING> When you sell an item it will have 10% of tax so be careful and calculate while you doing this grind or you will lose some of your coins!!!!! 

    For example:

    Scrap metal [hardware] the cost is [5.45] coins, and you sell it like [6.29] coins or above [any price you want] with 10% tax total you get is [5.66] coins and the profit is [0.21] coins.

    ZmLaDUKpcDfTxm9mtBV2GAm8Bwv2zE.jpg    sQ3XtFmp7iM1CdCDAqY5IQD7uo62Up.jpg

    If you keep doing this grind you can get more coins faster, and you can do more than one item at the market but there is a max limit of 20 item selling and order item so you can't spam. That's how you trade in the market.

    3. Earning coins by playing Raids [Hard] game mode and Clan wars. (hard, More earning)

    If you have 200% of your fuel, you can play Raids [Hard] game mode for 3 times and collect Electronics [Resources]. If you play it every day you will earn more Electronics [Resources] and if you reach +100 Electronics [Resources], you can sell it in an expensive price.

    EDkWL2iaUoimpAyHT3IOeA1YCtjAzx.jpg     jDM2fWQkqoXdY8M4BmCvTWb9gKc1XG.jpg

    If you have friends, you can create or already a clan and invite friends to your clan also creating a clan is expensive. When your friends are ready you can invite them to Clan Wars. If you won the Clan wars you will be reward Uranium ore [Resources] and you reach +10 Uranium ore [Resources] you can sell it a massive amount of coins.

    02BvQ1fp17gRJw1568fTnLgm2o8agE.jpgBFmOxWlgs8QnA7aIQSsXq8C1bRtmYK.jpg      GzSNMOffR2g0AS4qPbceXD0Xo24Uk1.png

    That's all of my TIPS and vote it fairly and thanks for reading, hope you having fun playing Crossout with lots of coins. :)

    20 august 2019 17:50 1625

    crossout is dieing

    16 june 2020 21:54 1625

    this is awsome

    21 june 2020 12:07 1625

    ty for the tutorial its way easier now

    21 june 2020 12:27 1625

    thank, what is recommended specs for crossout?

    21 june 2020 13:14 1625

    great forum btw

    21 june 2020 13:14 1625

    Great! Tiy can find more ways

    22 june 2020 21:49 1625

    Nice guide

    22 june 2020 22:18 1625

    this was fun

    23 june 2020 17:49 1625

    זה כיף

    23 june 2020 17:53 1625

    ty for the tips

    23 june 2020 21:31 1625

    I probably should test out the game. Sounds fun.

    23 june 2020 22:11 1625

    thanks for the so many coin

    22 march 2021 21:42 1625

    i dont asdfghjkl

    23 march 2021 08:11 1625


    23 march 2021 08:18 1625

    dont mind me am just gonna spam

    25 march 2021 10:26 1625

    now lvl 2 thx

    25 march 2021 10:27 1625

    thanks thx for very good information

    29 march 2021 13:44 1625

    Thank u so much for the tutorial very helpfull

    31 march 2021 11:29 1625

    Thanks for the guide

    31 march 2021 14:26 1625

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