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    Steam random CD keys- is it worth it?

    Gamehag offers a random steam game for only 399 soul gems. is it worth it? 

    399 soul gems. this is the worth of the random steam game. you cant get those pretty quickly, but what you get in return?

    The value

    Most of the times, you get a 1$ game from steam. those are mostly old 2d indie games.
    Seldom, you can get a 10$ steam game, but these is really rare.
    If you like mystery and indie games, it maybe be a perfect match for you.

    ת×צ×ת ת××× × ×¢××ר âªsteam random cd keyâ¬â

    The chances

    There is 95% to get a 1$ game. 4.20% to get a 5$ game and 0.80% to get a 10$ + game.
    The chance of hitting a AAA game is 0.001%.
    Of course the number of keys you'll need to buy before getting a certain game tier may vary up and down by your luck. 

    Let's talk numbers

    For an opportunity to win a 5$ game you'll need to buy at least 25 CD keys(!!).
    25 x 399 = 9975 soul gems!
    Thats a lot of soul gems.
    For 9975 soul gems you can get AAA games from gamehag!(such as Overwatch, Gta v and a lot more...)

    But, that's only the beginning.
    You want a 10$ game? the chances are 0.80%.
    that's at least 100 cd keys!
    39,900 soul gems! that is a lot. 

    So, why is that availble?

    I'm not saying that is completely useless.
    What im trying to say here, is that its not for everyone.
    So,for who is that can be suitable? this reward is for who wants to expand their steam library and for who that enjoys indie game.
    If you want a specific game, it is better for you to buy it specifically from gamehag. 

    There is something better!

    There is another option for who wants a mystery game.
    You can buy a "premium random steam CD key" for 2299 soul gems.
    This random key will give you a much more valuable game.(around 10$)
    Personally, i've got 2 games from the simple ones, and 1 premium game.
    I have got the games "CMD 2048" and "Othello 2018" from the simple ones.
    From the premium i've got the game "Brutal legend" its a really nice game that cost 10$.

    The best times to buy a key

    From time to time, gamehag is discounting the price of the keys. those are usually from 2%-10% off.
    The lowest that gamehag has discounted was 30% off.

    Redeeming your prize

    After you got your key, do the following:
    1.Open steam.
    2.Click on the plus button in the bottom-left.
    3.Click "Activate a product on Steam".
    4.Click "Agree".
    5.Enter your code and download your game.
    6.Enjoy your game!

    I don't want this game what can i do?

    Don't like the game? you can do nothing with it, unless you have access to the steam marketplace.
    If you have access to Steam marketplace, try to sell it. most of the times nobody will buy it, but you may get some cash out of it.

    To finish, if you want a specific game, then buy the game.
    If you want a random indie game buy the simple key.
    If you want a random quality game, buy the premium key.

    20 august 2019 10:38 1625

    I really dont think it is worse, you can get some cool indie games if you are lucky but most of the time the games for the random CD key are kinda ****

    21 august 2019 05:30 1625

    I really dont think it is worse, you can get some cool indie games if you are lucky but most of the time the games for the random CD key are kinda ****

    21 august 2019 07:46 1625

    never had a good one...some of them are buggy and abandoned for development years

    21 august 2019 09:16 1625

    no it's not worth,most of the random steam keys are 1$ and really bad ones so don't waste your gems there you can get them often from chests

    21 august 2019 13:14 1625

    My thoughts exactly. The random Steam key is exactly that. Random.

    21 august 2019 13:31 1625

    never had a good one...some of them are buggy and abandoned for development years hih? i never knew about that?

    21 august 2019 13:31 1625

    hmmm i maybe say that is it worth it to me i have no idea i buy 1 random cd key and got killing floor 2 yeah that's it

    21 august 2019 15:19 1625

    good goodddd

    24 august 2019 10:56 1625

    good good

    24 august 2019 11:01 1625

    Well, if you have a few games only in your account... yes, if don't, not

    24 august 2019 13:28 1625

    I think you would just waste time on that

    24 august 2019 15:34 1625

    That's what you get for a free app

    24 august 2019 16:18 1625

    That its worth

    24 august 2019 16:33 1625

    Boş yorum

    8 september 2019 13:22 1625

    its clear. ty for help

    8 september 2019 17:13 1625

    Good opinion!

    8 september 2019 17:15 1625

    Good opinion!!😀

    8 september 2019 17:16 1625

    чить, если вы хотите конкретную игру, то купите игру.
    Если вы хотите случайную инди-игру, купите простой ключ.
    Если вы хоти

    8 september 2019 17:44 1625

    I dont know its ahh idk

    10 september 2019 03:57 1625

    eh who knows

    2 october 2019 01:37 1625

    i mean, some could be good games, some may not be

    2 october 2019 01:37 1625

    Yes it's worth it!

    2 october 2019 13:20 1625

    No i dont think its worth it, if it takes you several weeks to earn enought to buy a random steak key

    2 october 2019 13:48 1625

    i think you should instead buy like a bayonet csgo case which has a decently high chance to give a knife which would immensly increase the value of your steam account. I think it would be safer to stick to the crates they offer then the steam random keys

    2 october 2019 13:51 1625

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